//Machine Learning and Noisy Data //

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We’ve been working on a new artificial intelligence engine for several months now. And while the programming of feedforward networks, recurrent Long-Term-Short-Term networks and generative adversarial networks may sound super cool and wonky, the real challenge has been cleaning noisy data. With over 100 billion datapoints in our database, there are bound to be some errors. And knowing what’s good … Read More


//Behavioral Economics in the Real World //

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Here’s an interesting discussion on MSNBC regarding behavioral economics and perceptions related to their tax refunds for 2018. Basically, the anchor and his technology correspondent both support and acknowledge that most people saved a ton of money by paying lower taxes. But because the amount withheld shrank – meaning people got to keep more of their money – refunds are … Read More


//March Market Madness //

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What an active March we have had here at Fishback Management! We started the month off with talking about the disposition effect which created quite the chatter in our ODDS Community. To read more about the disposition effect, go to https://www.etf.com/sections/index-investor-corner/swedroe-understanding-disposition-effect?nopaging=1 . Here you will find an article that Don shared at the beginning of the month that will shed … Read More


//Volatility Low Everywhere //

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On Monday the 18th, in our ODDS Community we were posting and talking about how low volatility was everywhere. We also talked about the right strategy for low market volatility in the community and our ODDS Online coaching class. If you missed the conversations, it’s not too late to check it out. Our strategy for exploiting low volatility earns profits … Read More


//Crowding is Back //

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I recently recorded a video about market fragility and how Dispersion Trading can be an elixir to markets that experience explosive volatility out of nowhere. But what causes that explosive volatility in the first place? The answer is low liquidity. Rising rates have a lot to do with it. But another factor is “crowding”. And there are two developments that … Read More