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I'm more interested in predictability and consistency than a big score. So I prefer Don's high-probability credit-spreads. When doing my search, I use 85% probability as the criterion. But out of 3 dozen trades, only 2 didn't work, and that puts me north of the 90% success rate.

If you have $100,000 diversified into 20 positions averaging 15% return, that's $15,000 in about a month - pretty good income I'd say. I know my family could live on it.

Adam W. CT

I got ODDS software which was one of the best things I did. I started by paper trading straddles and credit spreads. In live trading I've been averaging $5,000 to $8,000 a month.

Mike D. SC

I started my ODDS account this past November with $2,000 "chump" change. It's now over $25,000 doing nothing more than ODDS trades! That's a 1250% increase! ODDS is so consistent and reliable. I'm looking to pay my good fortune forward with a charity foundation and scholarships, My goal is to be over one million dollars a year and I'm well on my way! Don and the staff are hard-working, dedicated and trustworthy. ODDS is fully worth the price. I love the results. It's very easy.

Wayne W. NC

ODDS Research And Trading

Don Fishback

Our company was founded in 1993 on the principle that probability was the key to understanding how options work. Since then, I’ve been widely recognized in the financial press as one of the leading authorities on the subject - so much so that even the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine cited my work and how it could be applied to medicine.

Our mission remains unchanged from the day of our founding - help investors turn the tables by putting the odds in their favor. From education that starts at the beginning, to leading edge software that gives traders a proven advantage, we are your one source for the best in options analysis.

Best of all, we take everything we’ve learned over the past several decades and make things simple. Because our goal has always been to Make Options Easy.

So whether you’re a brand new beginner, or a seasoned veteran...

Trade the ODDS. Make the Money.

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An excellent treatise on how to calculate the probability of a market move occurring – an important tool for the serious trader. Don’s presentation is thorough, analytical, and delivered at a pace that makes it easy to understand.

Larry McMillan US Options Industry Achievement Award Winner

We are glad that ODDS selected Hanweck data to generate their investment research and are proud that we were able to provide the speed, ease of use, and accuracy required to conduct this level of in-depth, innovative analysis.

Gerald Hanweck, PhD. CEO Hanweck

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