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I run the same trades in four different retirement accounts, and a business account. I can easily earn $12,000 a month in each following Don's high probability strategies. When you're talking about retirement money, it's better to go for a safe bet than to keep shooting in the dark...

As long as you do your homework, it's like money in the bank.

David A. CO

I'm more interested in predictability and consistency than a big score. So I prefer Don's high-probability credit-spreads. When doing my search, I use 85% probability as the criterion. But out of 3 dozen trades, only 2 didn't work, and that puts me north of the 90% success rate.

If you have $100,000 diversified into 20 positions averaging 15% return, that's $15,000 in about a month - pretty good income I'd say. I know my family could live on it.

Adam W. CT

I‘m pretty conservative. But I get good results with ODDS Online so it‘s worth it. And it really doesn‘t take very long. I spend about a half-hour to an hour once a week. Then I forget about it because I don‘t care whether the market goes up or down. I‘m set either way. That gives me peace of mind and I‘ve been consistently profitable every year.

Juan Carlos H. WA

ODDS Research And Trading

Don Fishback

Our company was founded in 1993 on the principle that probability was the key to understanding how options work. Since then, I’ve been widely recognized in the financial press as one of the leading authorities on the subject - so much so that even the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine cited my work and how it could be applied to medicine.

Our mission remains unchanged from the day of our founding - help investors turn the tables by putting the odds in their favor. From education that starts at the beginning, to leading edge software that gives traders a proven advantage, we are your one source for the best in options analysis.

Best of all, we take everything we’ve learned over the past several decades and make things simple. Because our goal has always been to Make Options Easy.

So whether you’re a brand new beginner, or a seasoned veteran...

Trade the ODDS. Make the Money.

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Learn about options and be able to earn while you learn


Analyze Trades, Compare past trades, find daily trade ideas with our forecaster


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ODDS is the very first step in an intensive training process each of my traders must complete. ODDS teaches my traders the real meaning of volatility and it gives them the tools to calculate probability. It gives them the knowledge they must have in order to progress.

Jon Najarian US Options Lifetime Contribution Award Winner

I was blown away by how flexible and easy ODDS is. It had amazing technology that makes it lighting fast to find great option trading strategies. Once I saw the power of ODDS, I knew I had to get this to my family ASAP.

Steve Nisson

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