“ODDS Online makes everything so easy.”

I particularly like straddles, they are easy to place. The ODDS Online helps you to do that very easily. It's a great product. It makes everything so very easy.

I go down that once a night and pick out trades for the next day, implement them and I usually get filled. The last trade of consequence was earlier this week, and I had placed an order to sell at a fairly high price just out of my dream wish list trade, and when I woke up in the morning and checked the screen it had triggered and I was out of the trade and it was a good profit. So it was very, very nice to see the money just all of a sudden be in the account when I opened it up. 

I do have great success and I would say that it is certainly over 20% a year. Far higher than that, quite frankly. 

I tell anybody that has asked about Don that he is certainly one of the most reputable people in the business. 


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“I’m ecstatic, to say the least!”

“I really appreciate his software, ODDS Online.”

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