FREE SOFTWARE OFFER + In -depth analysis of a customer’s trade

We get questions from customers, including questions about how we analyze option trades when the markets go haywire. In this video, Don Fishback looks at a super-high-probability trade suggested by Bob G.

Don looks at prior market crashes, and compares current conditions to the past. Plus, you'll learn steps you can take to "stay in the game", even when things don't go as planned.

Finally, if you're a trader who, during this uncertain period, is wondering how you can still trade and survive, Don is making this very special offer:
FREE UNLIMITED USE of ODDS Online until April 20th.

There is no cost, no obligation, no contract, no credit card.

FREE COACHING INCLUDED: The software comes with free daily coaching from one of Don's traders. Your coach has over two decades of real-world option market experience.

So stop paying thousands for coaching that won't really help. Get the coaching and software free right now.


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