“I said okay I’ve got to generate some income, and I was able to do that.”

I am Joanna and I'm from Cambridge, MD, and I'm a veterinarian. I have an engineering background. I did that before I did veterinarian medicine. 

So what the literature said made more sense to me than anything else that I had read or have seen out there since. 

So I ordered the software and played with it for a while, and I loved it. 

I'm a very visual person, and the most important thing to me was that I can see the graphs of everything that I could ever imagine putting together, I could see the graphs and it worked! It worked for me.

I've used ODDS seasonally. For me, it's seasonal because when I have the time to put into trading would be when I'd pull out my ODDS software and get to work with it.

There've been times when I had some extenuating circumstances concerning my children and I need extra cash, and honestly, I said okay I've got to generate some income, and I was able to do that. 

Several times I've put on some trades and generated $1,000 at a time which isn't a whole lot if you're thinking in terms of okay how much per year and so on and so forth, but if you're in a situation where I needed some cash, I had some tuitions to pay, and I was able to using the ODDS software and go in there and say okay I want to put on this trade and if I did this trade what's my probability of coming out ahead. 

I was able to do it and pick the right trades and generate enough income, not a great lot, but enough that I needed for the time.

I've been to a lot of Seminars. You don't really know what you're doing until you really do it. And when you do it, it's a whole lot easier if you have the ODDS software to help you through it. 

The biggest thing that everybody needs to think about with Don, is I've learned a lot of strategies through the years, but are they practical for an individual investor and the answer is no.

But what he has given us and continues to give are practical day-by-day things that somebody who has another job, that they're in the real world, that has other things to do in life and has another life, can still implement and still come out ahead. 

The beauty of Don's software is you can even use it for something as simple as covered calls, if you need to. You can even use it for selling puts on a stock that you wanted to buy anyway.

It's so simple and gives you the information that you need to be able to do those things. 

My experience of Don is that he has incredible integrity and he wants to keep it simple. I think that anybody who is even considering trading options, but more than that, anybody who has a chunk of money in their retirement fund, needs to come to one of the Fishback Seminars.


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“In just 10 minutes a night, you did what you need to do.”

“In just 10 minutes a night, you did what you need to do.”

“I’m up like $24,000+, and it’s happening regularly now.”

“I’m up like $24,000+, and it’s happening regularly now.”
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