“Up till to date I’ve run 26 trades, 24 of them have been profitable.”

I'm Walt and I'm from Boca Raton, FL.

Up till to date I've run 26 trades, 24 of them have been profitable.

It's a 92% score and it's been very gratifying. 

Doing credit spreads, basically. I've had some of Don's videos at home. I learned the basics.

Well you know I've been on the peripheral of this for years anyway, but it's been an education, and it's been fun and financially gratifying. 

I started with a small corporate account. We started with $5,000, and we added $1,000 to it, and it's now up to double that, $12,000 in less than a year. 

I then started in November I started trading in my IRA and that's been going very well.

Some of them don't think I'm crazy at all because they happen to be stockholders in this corporation.

I feel like I know him because I've been watching him on the screen and listening to him for years.

It must be 5 years ago I started fiddling around with this. I really did't get serious with it until um a little over a year ago.

I'd say go to Don. Take one of his courses.


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