“I’ve had great success. His methods make money. They’re very successful.”

My name is Dennis and I'm from Cincinnati Ohio.

I've had great success. His methods make money. They're very successful. 

I have gone back to doing the very basic methodologies that Don teaches, and I've recovered the account it's up about 250% for the year.

And I did it all just by going back to the basics and fundamentals that Don teaches.

Very predictable way to trade. They make sense. 

There's a solid mathematical reason why his indicators work, and that's truly the case. It's exactly the way it turns out. There's no guesswork, you know when to take a trade and when not to take a trade.

It just makes sense. It's just a great methodology. I have way more than paid for my course and my time here, and this is my third time here, and I've more than paid for all of that.

It's more than paid for itself many times over. Being a professional by nature I tend to be interested in the academic side of things and want to learn as much as I can.

Of all the courses I have been to, and there have been many, I don't think any other course prepares you... certainly none that I've been to, prepares you as fully and completely as Don's courses and videos do.

The promotional materials say trade the way Don trades or trade the way I trade, and that is clearly what happens. And it's very simple.

It's straightforward, very intuitive, very mathematical. There's a strict set of rules. There's just no reason why you need to go home and change it.

He lays it on the table exactly what he's going to do Monday morning. We already know what he's going to do.

And there's no reason why everybody in this class and everybody who watches these tapes, why they can't do the same thing.

He has an awesome staff. His honesty. His willingness to share and answer questions all through the course is unparalleled in this business

Again I've been to a lot of Seminars and I've traded a fairly long time, and his approach is refreshing.


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“In just 10 minutes a night, you did what you need to do.”

“In just 10 minutes a night, you did what you need to do.”

“I’m up like $24,000+, and it’s happening regularly now.”

“I’m up like $24,000+, and it’s happening regularly now.”
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