“I just used three contracts in that thing and it was a hundred percent successful, and I’m very glad I did it.”

I'm Joseph from Lindenhurst, Illinois.

I would like to learn more about the insides of trading, all the algorithms and methods that Don uses to really perform these trades and minimize risk.

I've been with Don since July. I believe if I'm correct it was 2 weeks right before we received the home run recommendation, and I truly executed, and I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning, because I didn't know how successful it was gonna be. And I just used three contracts in that thing and it was a hundred percent successful, and I'm very glad I did it.

Something about the Wizardry A-Z, I think it's a very good document. I read it, I read the manual and followed the video. It was very very educational. And then I decided to call Don and learn more about it. 

I think the seminar is really, extremely valuable. What I learned is that Don also covered some of the retirement part that was not covered in the past. And I was very happy about that. Because that was my next question. But he was a step ahead of me.

I've been trading stocks for many years, but without much success, like steady success in positive trades. I'm trying to learn more about this and see how I can use this in trading options.

Don is the only one, in my past experience I dealt with other companies that publicize great option successes, but they're not, not even getting close to Don. They are like throwing a dart.

Really truly, if you want to try, you can try it on a small, small scale to invest, until the person gains confidence and knowledge and so on and then go on to a bigger scale.

I think it's a great program. I hope he's going to be around for many years.


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“I’m ecstatic, to say the least!”

“I really appreciate his software, ODDS Online.”

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