“The success has been so tremendous, It’s like having a virtual coach at all times.”

My Name is John and I live in Orlando Florida.

I started trading in 1997 actually when I went to my first ODDS seminar; Don came to Orlando. And it was kind of my first exposure to actual strategies working with options.

I went away with a wealth of information. Also information that was, Wow I don't know if I can do this.

So I started out with some strategies that I understood initially from the program and started implementing those immediately, actually the day after the seminar.

To my surprise it was very successful. So after one month of what I would call substantial learnings from the amount of money that I have put into the market, I was hookedI was definitely hooked, and I needed to know more.

So through my due diligence I ended up coming to more of Don's seminars to further my education and my knowledge and I've explored into other strategies which I have to say has been quite wonderful and very rewarding.

The success has been so tremendous even in my wildest dreams of the thoughts of becoming a full time trader are now within reality for me personally.

I would highly recommend this program to all those listening or watching this tape, the reason being, what's impressed me about Don Fishback is his integrity and honesty.

I feel like whatever he is teaching me is something I can take out into the field tomorrow and put it to practice. I don't see anybody else out there offer that.

What he strictly teaches is simple programs that you basically can put on during the day and go enjoy your life for the rest of the day or do whatever you have to do during that day.

It's what has really attracted me to Don Fishback's style of trading.

This is absolutely the best $2,000 that anybody's gonna spend if they're serious about investing.

I can tell you that within the first 3 days after the seminar, I made all of my money back, plus more. And Hey, if I can go into a seminar, pay $2,000, and 3 days later come out and be zero cost, yet come out with all this knowledge, that's the best deal that anybody could ever get.

Don is very practical, he says that he will teach you everything he knows. He is absolutely telling you the truth. He teaches you everything he knows exactly how he does it.

And all I can say, now that I've been doing it for two years, is do it exactly the way he does it. Because I've tried to venture out on my own, an boy you learn the hard way when it costs you a few bucks. So follow Don's rules and you should be very successful.

What really impressed me when I went to my first seminar and a lot of the things I didn't understand, I really wished I had Don in front of me to teach me more, to kind of coach me along, real live about what I need to do here, and what mistake I made on his strategy, so I would email him.

I sent that email thinking I'll never hear back from this guy. You know, he was this big guru, out there doing things and I would email him on Monday, and he would respond back to me on Tuesday giving me the coaching that I needed. That was very impressive. I was very impressed with that.

And the staff, they're great. It's great to be able to call the phone number and hear a friendly voice and if they can't give you the information right now, they will get it to Don, and he will respond back to you. It's like having a virtual coach at all times.


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“In just 10 minutes a night, you did what you need to do.”

“In just 10 minutes a night, you did what you need to do.”

“I’m up like $24,000+, and it’s happening regularly now.”

“I’m up like $24,000+, and it’s happening regularly now.”
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