“With Don it satisfies my hunger for profit, and my aversion to risk, so it works out really well.”

My name is Whitney, and I’m from here in Lexington, Kentucky and I’m a full-time trader.

I’ve been in the markets since I was 15 years old, which is longer than I care to say. I’m an economics major by education, and I’ve done a little bit of everything, but since my first seminar with Don in 2002 in Atlanta I’ve pretty much focused on his methods. 

I trade stock options, credit spreads.

[Has it paid off?] 

It has paid off tremendously. 

In the past I’ve made a lot of money, but you end up giving a lot back.

With Don it satisfies my hunger for profit, and my aversion to risk, so it works out really well.

Again I’ve been involved, I’ve read so many things and I’ve followed so many different gurus, and I’ve been to so many Seminars.

I wish I’d found Don sooner! It’s true. 

Again I said I’ve made a lot of money but you give a lot back in some of the other risky arenas I’ve been in in the past.

I make steady money, I have a family of four, a beautiful home and we’re doing okay.

[Your doing nothing but trading?] 

I’m doing nothing but trading, and mostly Don. He’s the man in my opinon, because again, profits and low risk… it’s just everything I could ask for

They’re very easy, I believe. And again I have a background, I’ve been interested since I was 15, so it’s what I love to do so it’s very easy to follow and quick to learn.

[I know you have 2 children, so are you going to teach them how to do this & follow in your footsteps?]

I can’t wait to teach them. They’re 6 and 8, so they’re a little bit young, but I do talk about it quite a bit.

I do work at home, which is a wonderful thing, thanks to Don for the most part.

And I think this will be a huge part of their future. Give them a real leg up.


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