“I opened an account for myself and one for my Mother, and I’ve doubled my Mom’s.”

My name is Wayne and I’m from Bellcamp, Maryland.

I did a lot of different seminars. I was sort of one of those junk mail junkies. When I’d see something come in the mail I’d want to investigate it to see what was quick and easy and to make a lot of money.

In doing that I also lost a lot of money. Totally I probably lost $50,000 over a couple of years, and I got really tired of that.

So one day I got a mailer from Don Fishback, and I discussed it with a friend and he said he’d heard about it, so I looked it up on the internet and liked what I saw so I decided to come to a Seminar.

I was really gun shy about starting, so I held off until I really understood. So I came back a 2nd time, and the light sort of came on, so I scrambled to get some money together and I just recently got back into it.

Now I feel like I know what’s going on and my bad habits have been erased.

I feel like I’m on the right path. 

Is there a potential to make a lot of money? I believe there is. 

I think the one thing you have to be cautious about is greed, and that’s probably one of the emotions I suffered from the first time. I got greedy and thought this will be easy.

One thing I learned from Don is you have to put some hard work up front in order to make it worthwhile in the end. And I think if you do your homework, you study hard, and you follow the principles that he lays out you can do it safely and you can make a lot of money.

Yes I just recently got started. I opened an account for myself and one for my Mother, and I’ve doubled my Mom’s. In 20 days I got 148%, so that worked out well. 

And I’m still holding like 3 positions in my account but they’re all starting to be profitable. So I’m optimistic. I think it’ll work out real well.

I doubled her in 20 days. It was great. One trade only. 

Manti Electronics. She was skeptical at first because she hasn’t seen proven results from me since I made mistakes before, so she only started with $2,000.

So I was real pleased with that. Made me feel much better especially since I had the bad habits in the past. 

I think Don is very honest and sincere. 

He doesn’t put any hype out. He just tells you the way it is and you just have to investigate it and do it on your own.

And if you want to increase your own personal portfolio, you just need to put a little work into it and just go by what he tells you to do and you’ll be there.

I like what Don has to say. I’m sold! 

That’s why I bring all these people that I work with here. I’m sold on what he has.


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“I’m up like $24,000+, and it’s happening regularly now.”
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