“It’s one of the very few systems that I’ve been involved in that actually makes money.”

My name is Tony and I’m from North Richland Hills, Texas.

Actually I’ve used ODDS Online, and I love it the way it’s formatted… it’s website, Don’s website, you know you go in there and look at all the probability of making a profit. 

It’s been very good in that it’s one of the very few systems that I’ve been involved in that actually makes money. 

I know the calculation behind it is complex, but the software makes it simple to use. 

Basically the strategies that I like quite a bit is 2 of them that are my favorite; one is selling a naked put and the other one is covered calls.

I would just encourage anyone that wants to get in the market, especially now because the C.D.’s pay zero or 1%, it’s the best place to have the money.

Have it in the market, but knowing where you’re putting it and of course you know the tools are there at the web site and the programs, so that’s the way to go. 

This would be an excellent course to come to. Take it for a couple days, digest it, go over it then play with it, and then you’ll see the results.

Basically I’m still in the market. A lot of the friends that I have, they’re doing something else. They’re in for one year, two years, then they’re out.

But I’m still involved in the markets, and I enjoy it.

To be enjoyable you have to make money at it, so that’s what we’re doing, so that’s great.

I think one year I was up about 100%, which is great!


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