John P.
Retired Farmer Turns To Options Trading Because It Suits Him

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“I’m John and I live here in Lexington. I’m retired, so I guess I’m full-time.

I’ve switched over to options, and find it’s a lot better for me because of a time frame and I work on my farm, and I find it’s a lot better and suits me better. 

I studied a lot of options courses, and I went to one of Don’s Seminars and it really impressed me.

The integrity and the quality of the staff that Don has, has really impressed me. 

And I just can’t say enough about Don. 

Everytime I get a chance I just pick him up a little bit and tell someone about him.

I’ve done better with Don’s strategies than I’ve done with my own or someone else’s strategies. 

There’s one thing that if you get in with someone that knows what they’re doing, and is honest, and I take honesty above most everything because in this business you don’t find much of that.

You can trust Don. 

He makes it simple, if you follow the rules. And that’s another thing, if you do his methods and follow the rules and have your self-discipline, you do well.”