“The percentages that he advertises are absolutely real… We consider Don money-in-the-bank!”

My name is Bill and I'm from Florida. 

We do primarily the credit spreads. They're easy to follow. I think the more you know about it the more you appreciate it. And you do begin to understand what's going on with it.

Actually I almost exclusively using Don's methodologies.  

I have a full-time trading partner and we've worked with Don for probably eight years, and we kind of segwayed from using other consulting services and feeds of other types, to in the last year almost exclusively Don.  

It's more than paid off!  

We used a bunch of services, as I said earlier, and dropped almost all of them, and probably the best thing I can tell you is any indices that normally people would follow, we in the last twelve months especially where we tracked them closely, we exceeded them beyond what we really expected completely! 

Yeah, we are both making our incomes from it.  We are comfortably over 40% for the year.  Both of our families are supported off of it.  More than pleased would be an understatement.  

Thank you Don!

We consider Don "money in the bank", and that is ABSOLUTELY NOT an exaggeration.  

Probably the best thing too, I think, is the predictability of it.  That the percentages that he advertises are absolutely real, and that's important when you are relying on it for your income.

You'd be a fool not to do it. 


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