Don Is Just a Great Person

“I've been a follower of Don going on ten years. What I really appreciate about Don is that he is very straightforward. I just have a high belief in his credibility and he is just a great person."

Phil K., California

"Don Fishback Has Earned My Confidence, Trust, & Respect"

“As a former chief of police, senior business executive, author and certified fraud examiner I’ve developed strict criteria on which I build relationships. Integrity and professional competency are two key components of that criteria.” “Over several years of interacting with Don Fishback and his staff they have earned my confidence, trust, and respect.”

Bud B., Florida

“I liked his honesty. I liked the way he explained. I really like Don. I made money with what Don taught." ”

Keith B., California

“For integrity, clear, concise, profitable instruction and a genuine concern that his students have all their questions answered. Don delivers big.”

John C., Texas

He Has Everyone's Best Interest In Mind

“He's the type of person that has everyone's best interest in mind, and he got involved in the business that he's in because he cares. He wants to share the information that he has, or the knowledge that he has, to help other people.

Maryann O., Florida

The Most Honest Person I've Dealt With

“You are the most honest person I have ever dealt with in a business decision. You and your people are great.”

Gerard C., New Jersey

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"Terri, it's really a pleasure to converse with you. It is. You give me a warm feeling about the service. I have been with Don for quite awhile, so I know the integrity of Don. I have always been very intrigued by what Don does and I do love it, personally, because he just comes across as very genuine. I have attended one of his classes so I know him personally and it makes a difference. I don't trust the internet, I trust your service and Don."

Dennis B., Texas

His Integrity and Credibility


“After 15 yrs of being with Don Fishback, the primary reason I have stayed with him is because of his integrity and credibility. He's not just out to sell something.”

Al S., Alabama

He Cares About His Students. He Really, Really Cares.


“He cares about his students, he really, really cares, and that is rare. He’s not in it for the money. He really cares about us.” “And the fact that your support system is so responsive-immediately that shows you really care about people, and how we’re doing. And that is very unusual in my kind of business, especially trading."

Sylvia B., Florida

Don is a Winner and a Giver. He's Just Cool

“As an Entrepreneur & Trader I believe Don is the best and a 1st class guy in teaching successful Options, plus he’s ethical & committed to winning big & helping people trade successfully. Don is a winner and giver. He’s just cool.”

David R., California

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Don Is Brutally Honest

“Don is brutally honest. If you want an honest guy that doesn't talk a lot of bull to you, then this is the man for you."

Steve C., Michigan

“I think that Don Fishback, regardless of providing me with so many 90% wins is a person I would be proud to call my friend. His philanthropy reputation I can attest to. I am 87 years old, have subscribed to countless programs to make money- some of them good, some of them not so good, but Don is the best.”

John L., Maryland

What Impressed Me Is His Integrity and Honesty.


“I started out with some strategies that I understood what to do with and started implementing those immediately. And to my surprise it was very successful.” “So the success has been so tremendous even in my wildest dreams. Personally what impressed me about Don Fishback is his integrity and honesty.”

John D., Florida

Don's Name is Legendary In The Business


“Don’s name is legendary in the industry.”

“Anywhere we go when we have talked to other people, even other mentors or instructors, we mention Don Fishback and they say ‘you know Don Fishback? Wow, he’s a legend.’ He’s very well loved, and there’s a reason.”

Susan O., Illinois

I Can Honestly Say It's One Of the Best!

"I've been with Don now for over thirteen years. I think I know this man very well, and his people too. Regarding the support, I can honestly say it is probably one of the best. I get answers that are honest and true, and I never have to worry about it."

Bert V., Florida

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His Integrity and Credibility


“About Don personally, I just mentioned it to another attendee. He's a man of integrity. Incredible integrity. He's very honest and straightforward, and he'll tell you how it is."

Tim M., Chicago

It's Clear Don Is a Man With Integrity

"Very practical step-by-step methodology. It is clear that Don is a man with integrity.”

James C., California

There Was No Bull


“Don was a breath of fresh air. There was no bull. He didn't paint a picture of pie in the sky. The only thing he ever promised was that if you followed his direction you could almost be guaranteed a 50% return on your investments and I will openly admit it's been much better than that for me."

Dave D., North Carolina

You Really Want To Help People

“I read about you in a lot of books and things, but I tell you, you [have] a movement. You are going down in the history books when it comes down to fame in investing. I love the attitude of you and your people and you really want to help people. And that makes me feel good, that was the reason I called today.”

Woodrow W., Virginia

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Don's Very Honest and Sincere


"I think Don's very honest and sincere. He doesn't put any hype out. He just tells you the way it is, and then you have to investigate and do it on your own. And if you want to increase your own personal portfolio, you just need to put a little work into it and go by what he tells you to do and you'll be there."

Wayne W., North Carolinia

He's Very Genuine. He's Very Real and Approachable


"What I would tell people about Don is that he's very genuine. He's very real. He's approachable. He relates very well to people and he explains things on a very easy to understand basis."

Gordon G., Colorado