Very Accurate & Perfect For Me

“This new ODDS Online is the best ever. I love it. It's way faster, very accurate, and very perfect for me. I use it for backtesting and technical trading ideas I have before implementing them down the road. Every option trader should! As a long time subscriber I should know."
Joe B., Washington


““I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning, because I didn’t know how successful it was gonna be. It was 100% successful, and I’m very glad I did it.”
Joe N.Illinois

“I've made over $5,000 in the past 4 months on a dozen or so successful trades. I haven't had a loser yet. Thanks again."

John H.Michigan


ODDS High Accuracy Monthly's

If you need accuracy in your option trading, this is it.
$1 to start, then $99 per month and only after trades profit!

ODDS High Accuracy

We are so incredibly reliable at finding winners, we won't charge you unless our recommendations win. No one else does that. Get started NOW!

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17 Trades With 100% Success!

“I've had 17 trades with 100% success. No losers. I'm thrilled to death!"
William M., Tennessee

I Consider Your Service The Best and Most Reliable I Have Ever Used!

"To date in 2017 I have closed, or had expire 98 of your trades, 78 at a profit and 20 at a loss for a total profit of $9,745. The April drop was a killer, with 5 losing trades totaling $3,272.

I have 11 trades expiring this Friday, with all but one looking good, for an expected profit close to $2,000, and 10 additional trades so far for future dates.

I consider your service the best and most reliable I have ever used!"

Chuck P., Pennsylvania

22 Trades and Only 1 Loss

“Year to date I've traded 22 trades and had only 1 loss."

Dave D., North Carolina

100% Success And Profits Over $3,800

"In my first two months using Don's methods, I am 100% successful in my trades with profits over $3,800. I have used a number of investing systems over the years that were mostly unsuccessful. With Don, I know what my ODDS are before I even place the trade! Thank you Don and staff!"

Russ B., South Carolina

ODDS Software is the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me

“A little update as to my trading the last nine months. I did one trade per month, with only one trade that was a loss. The balance of the trades (10) this year have been profitable.

"The software is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This is the first year that I have really enjoyed trading and being successful to boot. Many thanks!"

James W., Pennsylvania

Not a Single Loss

“I've only lost one trade out of 23!”
Brian T.Indiana

“Don, in my trading account for the month, not a single loss. I did trade with small amounts, but you have a great system."

George K.Georgia

Impressive, Uncanny Accuracy

"I’m really, really impressed with this trading approach. It’s the key secret to beating the markets. My trades are coming out really well, and you’ve saved me from many bad trades I otherwise would have taken.”

“The uncanny accuracy is impressive. It’s incredible how well these insights can work for us little guys, not just the large traders. Fantastic!”"

Dean L., Florida

100% Winners So Far!

"Why anyone would not trade credit spreads with 85% or more probability is beyond me. I have 100% winners so far. I like it. Thanks for your help and guidance."

Bruce M., Illinois

Met My Goal of $5,000 Per Week

"I started a journal to keep up with my winnings from ODDS alone, and I met my goal of making $5,000 per week. I met it in March. I love ODDS. It makes the ODDS favorable while using a fairly conservative approach."

Jack L., Georgia

Nearly 40% Profit in 22 Days

"I started a journal to keep up with my winnings from ODDS alone, and I met my goal of making $5,000 per week. I met it in March. I love ODDS. It makes the ODDS favorable while using a fairly conservative approach."

Matthew B., Florida

Since January, Every Trade Has Been a Winner!

“Every time I got a recommended trade, I was delighted. I knew it was very likely to be profitable. closing a profitable trade was almost an anti-climax compared to entering. I believe that if I had started this program when I was younger and healthier, I would also be wealthy. Thank you for sharing your genius.”
Tim A..Ohio

“I'd always had bad experiences trading options, because I was uninformed on how they work. Don shared the very important concept of successful options trading. Since January of this year, every trade has been a winner using his program. I am impressed!”

Todd L.Louisianna

That's What I Call Incredible

“My goal was to do some back testing and see what effect compounding a streak of successful winning trades would have on ones trading account, and did I find a winner! It can all be easily verified with ODDS. I decided to test, using ODDS, a fictitious $1,000 trading account. That initial $1,000 account would have turned into $17,016. after commissions. Oh, and in only 14 months two of which we didn't hold any positions. Now that's what I call incredible. It practically brought a tear to my eye. Tears of joy, that is, to know that opportunities like this exist. ”

Thorvald Z., California

"It's Like A Flight Plan"

“We have taken a lot of seminars, and now it is full circle, to be completely honest. We are back to Don Fishback's ODDS. One of them is one of the biggest conferences in the country, and has been going for forty years. We are no longer interested, we are pretty much tied in to Fishback and the numbers and the facts. It is no longer guesswork, emotions. It's the facts. It is like a flight plan."

Bob & Myra P., Mississippi

ODDS Online

We never stop working to make our software better, faster, & easier. This brand new version takes back the name we love. We call it ODDS Online.

ODDS Online

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The Difference Between Their Methods and Don's is That His Works!

“I would like to thank you. I have spent grand sums on countless systems in the past only to come away with my eyes glazed over by question marks and my mind prostrated with new mysteries...”

“Your training alone resolves the uncertainties others prefer to avoid...In the field of Options Trading you open up the future for those who strive, and that is no small accomplishment. Thank you once again for making it possible to prosper in this field.”

Edward G.Missouri

“I’ve bought all kinds of courses and been to a number of seminars, and the difference between their methods and Don’s is that his works... With other courses, the information is very difficult to understand... That’s the difference. With Don’s methods, it is understandable and doable. It’s easy to do and it works and it’s safe!”

Brad L.Georgia

"Once I Started With Don, I haven't Lost Any Money. I Made Money."

“Life is good! I would just like to say that I’ve tried a lot of different services, and all of the services except one lost me money. Once I started with Don, I haven’t lost any money. I made money!”

Bob M., Florida

Your Stuff Is the Only Thing Which Made Sense

“I would like to say that the only thing working in my portfolio currently are the trades I executed using your training. After all the seminars I’ve attended and books I’ve read – your stuff is the only thing which made sense. I feel self-reliant and capable and owe it all to your tutelage.”

Michael H., Nevada

"Yours Have Beaten The Other Way Every Time"

“This is the best tool I have ever found. I have almost cancelled all of my tools from other gurus that I was subscribing to. I have one more that is up in June. I have been tracking both, and yours has beat the other one every time.”

David A., Colorado

Obviously Worth Far More Than the Price

“I have found that this approach, when used in conjunction with an effective “stop-loss” strategy, is a superior method of trading. Obviously the service is worth far more than the subscription price. I will never go back to trading stocks outright again.”

T.J., Illinois

ODDS Has Been 100% Accurate


“ODDS has been 100% accurate. My one non-ODDS trade was my only losing trade. ODDS is so consistent and reliable. Right now I am in 8 trades and they are all winning trades already, and I know my account will continue to grow. ODDS is fully worth the price. I love the results. It's very easy. You get your signal, you use it, and you follow it."

Wayne W., Maryland

They're Not Even Getting Close To Don

“I dealt with other companies that publicized great options successes, but they are not even getting close to Don.”

Joe N., Illinois

I've Made Over Half My Salary For a Year In 4 Months!

“I closed out the last 4 months with only 2 losing trades and made over half my salary for a year in 4 months! Total return 67.23%. I appreciate the service and recommendations and thanks for making the services reasonably priced. Very few advisory services are worth the money and I have never had any that are as effective. You have earned my business as a long term subscriber."

Christopher D., Maryland

ODDS Pays For Itself Many Times In Virtually Every Trade!

“I'm a new user I managed to find a couple of profitable trades, covered calls, that paid for the software in one day!"

Steven G.California

“I'll continue to use ODDS as it pays for itself many times in virtually every trade! I'm VERY pleased with all of my ODDS services. Keep up the great work!"

John R.Texas

"You're The Neiman Marcus Of The Options World"

"I would like to thank you for your many services, including your customer service team. They are very helpful and truly try to work with me. Not only did the findings that you provide in ODDS High Accuracy bring life back to my account (i.e. from a 13% loss), but once I let my fear subside and follow your lead my account rose to 26%. Now I'm dancing all over the place! Once again I label you the Neiman Marcus of the option world. Obviously you are a math genius, which I sorely appreciate. Thank you!"

Elise G., Maryland

ODDS Online

If you want to find High Probability trades fast and easy, like William, you need ODDS Online!

ODDS Online

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I Was Able To Weather The Storm Because Of What I Learned From Don

"I was able to weather the storm in the market because of what I learned from Don. It turned out even better than I had expected, and I had expected a lot.”

John W.Pennsylvania

"I feel confident that if I follow Don's teachings and use this information as presented, I can achieve my financial goals!"

Jim C.Illinois