Our Customers Say It Best!


"First rate! Made a profit of $1,848 on my first trade. If I sell my position today, I would make another $1,100 plus. Thanks millions!"
Randy C.Indiana

"I thought I would let you know how I have done so far... So far this year, I have made a total of 8 transactions, and they have all been profitable."

Dan C.California

Profits Mount Up Relentlessly

"Going over your methods, I felt an exhilaration sweep over me.  There was hope for me to have my dream of trading successfully.  Before long I was cranking out trades. The profits mount up relentlessly."

"My goal is to take a small $25,000 trading account to $500,000 after taxes during the next 4-5 years. Thanks again, Don. Without your ODDS based principles of trading, I probably would not be active in the markets. You’re a lifesaver."

Carl T.P.,Washington

Averaged $2,300 Per Month - Only 2 Losses

"I finished the year with 40 wins and 2 losses using only Don’s high probability strategy. I ended the year with $27,600 and averaged $2,300 per month. Life is good!"
Bob M., Florida

I'm Up $60,000 So Far This Year

"I'm up $60,000 so far this year."

Robert G., Colorado

I'm Up Over $3,000 In Three Months

“Thank you for your help and support regarding my options trading. I'm up over $3,000 in the last three months. I do feel that you put your customers in a win/win situation and make this entire process enjoyable and rather pain free."

Curt W., Ohio

Up Over $100,000


“One of my friends trained with Don, and last I heard he was up over $100,000. So he's doing fine.”

Bob P., New York

I've Never Seen a Better Way To Achieve Consistently High Returns

I'm Up 286.63%

"On six trades, net of all commissions, I'm up 286.63%!"

Andy K., California

Up 130% This Year!


"We've been with Don since 1997, and now it's 2015. And yes, we have made money. We did a spread sheet on it the other day, and believe it or not we are up like 130% for the year!"

Sandy M., Texas

Last Year I Made $30,000

“The only thing I have ever bought that actually made me a lot of money. It is the ODDS Proven Income shorts, the puts. I’ve been extremely successful… Last year, I made $30,000!"

Lee G., Minnesota

I'm Getting $1,000 - $2,000 a Week

“I bought the Options Wizardry course that Don sells. Before that I wasn't doing too well. I lost about $4,000 two years ago and I said it's time for me to get some education. So I did. And I would say the course turned it around for me. Im getting about $1,000 - $2,000 a week cash coming into the account."

Clem H., Tennessee

Another Amazing Month - 93.3% Winners


“Another amazing month. I had 5 out of 5 trades successful... for a gain on the month of $17,688.00. That brings my three month total to 14 out of 15 trades (93.3% successful) and a total gain of $32,620.00... Thanks for all your help.”

John G., Virginia

June Was Successful With Profits Over $12,000

“I started ODDS in April with about $25,000 invested using $5000 per position. As I became more comfortable I increased my allocated cash and position size. I still keep each position around $6,000 but have increased the number of positions. June was very successful with profits of over $12,000 in ODDS trades. Yes, you can use my testimonial and thank you for the great service. I have spent a small fortune in options training over the past five years and this has been the most consistent I have ever been."

Sandra P., Indiana

Made Money on 6 Out of 7 Trades

“I put all the advice together and tested it in the market. The first results were quite impressive. Made money on 6 out of 7 trades. Thank you.”

Iva J., Arizona

We're Both Making Our Incomes From It


“We're comfortably over 40% for the year. That's both of us. We're both making our incomes from it. Both families are supported off of it and to say that we are more than pleased would be an understatement."

Bill M., Florida

In Two Weeks I Made A Profit Of $16,875

“I placed the trade on Monday after the course and got out 2 weeks later with a profit of $15,875. Thanks is an understatement.”

Peter R., Texas

In One Month I Made $6,300


“At expiration I realized a profit of $6,300. That's a profit of 14% for one month. I expect to achieve similar returns on a monthly basis, which should lead to annual returns of at least 100%."

Bill S., Missouri

Averaged Over $3,000 Per Month for 6-Months Straight

“Starting six months ago I have averaged over $3000 per month profit, helping to offset some of the losses incurred by trading with another service. Thanks for giving me the confidence to try it for myself.”

Mike O., North Carolina

It's Nothing Short Of Fantastic!

“I use ODDS to find my trades, and it's been nothing short of fantastic! Five months I exceeded my goal of $15,000 per month, and my best month was January and I make $57,000. In six months I've made $175,000."

Earl H. Massachusetts

I'm Up About 100% This Year


“Absolutely, I'm making money using Don's stuff, or I wouldn't be here. I would encourage anyone who wants to get into the market, to have it in the market but knowing where you're putting it and of course the tools are there at the web site and the programs... that's the way to go. I think I'm up about 100% this year, which is great. Thank you.”

Tony G., Texas

Thank You

“I'm a new subscriber to ODDS High Accuracy service and I've followed your recommendations (and found three of my own) on paper for the last 4-1/2 weeks... and assuming I traded 10 contracts for each spread I would have made $8,650. Thank you Don for making this available to me."

Theodore P., Connecticutt

Thanks to ODDS I've Had the Best Month Ever With Options

Started With $2,000... It's Now Over $25,000


“I started my account this past November with $2,000 “chump” change. It’s now over $25,000 doing nothing more than (your) trades! That’s a 1250% increase! This is so consistent and reliable.”“Don and the staff are hard-working, dedicated and trustworthy. This is fully worth the price. I love the results. It’s very easy.”

Wayne W., Maryland

Up $46,000

"Up $46,000 at year end."
Kevin L., Ohio

20 Out Of 22 Trades Were Profitable


“I made 22 option spread trades, 20 of them were profitable and of course 2 losses. The 2 losses were $190.05 and $265.00. But out of the other 20 gains my very SMALLEST gain was $324.07 nearly making up for the total of all my losses.” “My largest gain was $5154.80 and my net gain was a whopping $27,247.16. I am up 60k so far this year...I want to thank you again for sharing your knowledge with me.”

Robert G., Colorado

So Far I Have Made Over $70,000

“I called to tell you that my self status of appointment, I’ve appointed Don as a ‘saint’. From now on, I will refer to him as ‘Saint Don’. I subscribed to his service early in the year so far I have made over $70,000.” “And, if that doesn’t entitle him to ‘sainthood’ nothing does! And if he needs any recommendations from me, I’m always available! Thank you!”
John L., Maryland

Every Trade Has Been a Winner

“I’d always had bad experiences trading options, because I was uninformed on how they work. You shared the very important concept of successful options trading. Since January of this year, every trade has been a winner using his program....I am impressed!”
Todd L., Louisiana

I've Been Averaging $3,000 a Month


“I got ODDS software which was one of the best things I did. I started by paper trading straddles and credit spreads. In live trading I've been doing pretty well. I've been averaging $3,000 a month.”

Mike D., South Carolina

One Happy Camper Here

“I started with an account balance of $10,300, using straddles in lots of one, two and sometimes three, I had some great results. All-in-all my account increased by over $7,000. One happy camper here."
Denis C., New York

95.6% Winning Trades


“My worst year, I had 29 wins and 4 losses, and that comes out to 86.2% winning trades. My best year was last year, 28 wins, 1-loss, 95.6%. The years in between I never got less than 92% wins, so it’s just been wonderful.”

Bob M., Florida

Average Monthly Rate of Return Was 15%

“My experience with the Fishback Organization has been great. The average monthly rate of return was 15%. I have recommended the service to many friends.” “Without the “hand holding”, I probably would not have done any trading. It seems at least for me that there is a great leap between the classroom experience and actual trading. Thanks for the help in the options journey.”
Chuck B., North Carolina

Bottom Line Is I'm 100%

“I have used a number of investing systems over the years (they were mostly unsuccessful). Don’s methods are rooted in Probability, therefore I know what my odds are before I even place the trade!” “And your staff is very patient and professional in answering my questions. Thank you Don Fishback and Staff!”
Russ B., South Carolina

$12,000 a Month

"I have 4 IRA accounts that I am using these strategies in and look to make $12,000 a month in each of these accounts. My trading confidence has soared. This is because of ODDS." "I will no longer trade without it. You have me as a customer for life. I have other services from others that I am canceling because this is a million times better."
David A., Colorado

"In two days I'm up 100%!"
Kevin M.Pennsylvania

“I made $1,650 net gain on my first trade. Thanks, Don.”

Matt I.Indianapolis

I Have An Exit Plan From My Job


"Don is the “top of the rock”. You’ll never find anyone more ethical, or has more integrity than Don Fishback. And you wouldn’t have gotten as much money out of me if it wasn’t true. You have to service your customers, and Don does it the best of all. I have an exit plan from my job and will not be working my regular job anymore.”

Terry B., Colorado

Account Up 59.47% On Realized Gains

“My success from the second half of last year has continued into this year. I’ve only had one losing trade so far (it was only two days old before I realized I’d made a mistake and got out before the damage could get any worse). Other than that trade, the rest have been winners and my trading account is up 59.47% YTD on realized gains. Woo-hoo! Just sharing.”
Bruce S., Michigan

Profits Over $3,800 Using Your Software

“Bottom line is I'm 100%” for 2 months of trading with Don's methods, and I also had profits over $3,800 using your software. I did 5/5 successful put credit spreads."
Russ B., South Carolina

At Least $30,000 Profits This Year


“Still making profits from your service (at least 30 thousand this year). I love you!”

Art R., Florida

Averaging $11,800 Each Month

“Another positive month with your service. After averaging $11,800 each month for 4 months, another $4,600 last month and June is only half way through and already past that."
Chris D., Maryland


Easy As 1-2-3

“Easy as 1-2-3. Do the math. Determine the odds. And make your decision. Don’s approach removes all emotion. It’s simple, and you can make excellent returns on your money.”

Mike C., New York

“Your task of making Options simple to understand fills a need I have had for learning exactly how the Options process works.”
Michael H.Pennsylvania

“If you’ve always wanted to learn how to trade the market profitably, or if you love trading, and want to increase your probability of success… buy Don’s stuff!”

John N.Pennsylvania

Easy to Follow - "Money In the Bank"


“We consider Don money in the bank, and that is absolutely not an exaggeration, and I think too the best thing about it is the predictability of it.”

“You know when you go looking at it for your income, you have to know the percentages that he advertises are absolutely real and that’s important when you’re relying on it for your income. A person would be a fool not to do it. The methodologies are easy to follow."

Bill M., Florida

Anyone Can Understand and Profit From It

“In my opinion, I think Don is the best teacher. He takes an intimidating strategy and explains it in a way that anyone can understand and profit from it."

Janet B., Texas

ODDS Makes Everything So Easy!


“I particularly like straddles, since they're easy to place. The ODDS help you to do that very easily. It's a great product. It makes everything so very easy. I do have great success and it's certainly over 20% a year. Far higher than that, quite frankly. I tell everyone that Don is certainly one of the most reputable in the business."

Jon T., New Jersey

Everything Is Spelled Out For Me With ODDS

“Before I had ODDS I was just a hit or miss trying to find out whether a stock is going up or down, like do I buy a put or a call. With these strategies, I know where I should be entering a trade, and how much I'm going to make when I exit a trade. Everything is spelled out for me with ODDS.”

Earl H., Massachusetts

Follow Don's Principles and Keep It Simple.


"And to any other seminars I attended, all I ever did was lose money. Don's the real deal! He works under the K-I-S-S principle. That's the way he does things. He keeps it very simple and easy to understand, so it's not complicated or confusing. He's the real deal."

"Someone once said to me "all option traders are nuts. I beg to differ. Just follow Don's principles and keep it simple.

Dave D., North Carolina

So Concise That A Novice Can Appreciate It

"Great course, and good introduction of nuts and bolts to use at home. Don has an amazing grasp of the subject and is able to put that information in a concise form that even a novice can appreciate."
Neal H.New York

"I have learned more from the Options For Beginners book than from all the other books on options I have ever ordered. Than you very much."

Robert D.California

ODDS Delivers That Fast & Easy!

“If there's something in the way slowing people down, we need to get it out of the way. Traders want a clear path so that they can find what they want in the wide world of options and can trade it in confidence. ODDS delivers that fast and easy!"

Bruce S., Michigan

I made $10,420 and I still can't believe it's this easy.


“I was successful in 5 out of 5 high probability trades and made $10,420. This was my first month of trading, so I still don't know what I'm doing yet and can still make it work. I still can't believe it's this easy. Just wanted to let you know of my success."

John G., Virginia

Keeping It Simple

“I would like to begin by commending you on a job well done. You and your staff did an excellent job putting it all together and keeping it simple.”

Arif U.. Michigan

Don makes it so easy to understand


“Don is just so on the spot from beginning to end of what you need to know. And he teaches it in a way that makes it so easy to understand, so I really appreciate that."

Sandy M., Texas

So Fricking Easy To Use

“I just love it. Your software has always helped me. I especially like the ability to historically view how the trade worked out. Pure genius.”

Joe B., Washington

I Can Trade This Market Now With Full Confidence!

"So many secrets of the markets that I had no idea even exited are clearly explained by Mr. Fishback. I can trade this market now with full confidence, no matter what the situation is... Thank you Don, and the rest of the staff at Fishback Management.”

Tim K., Tennessee

Straight Forward And Easy To Understand


“I just had to write and thank you again for sharing information that changed my life. Your Options Wizardry course did this in a straight forward and easy to understand format, not to mention at an incredibly low price. If I were shopping courses using volatility to find under valued materials, Options Wizardry would be a can't miss bargain."

Tony G., Texas

It's Easy To Do, It Works, and It's Safe!

"I’ve bought all kinds of courses and been to a number of seminars, and the difference between their methods and Don’s is that his works. With other courses, the information is very difficult to understand. That’s the difference. With Don’s methods, it is understandable and doable. It’s easy to do, it works and it’s safe!”

Brad L.

Don Presents His Topics Well and Can Be Easily Understood


"Don is a very good speaker; presents his topics very well and can be easily understood in a format that people who are not as versed in these things can understand."

Charles C., Tennessee

Easy To Understand

"Don and all the staff are wonderful people. The workshop is awesome. Don really presents in such an easy to understand straightforward manner. I love the way Don gets into numbers behind the different methods and strategies and the way these work and why they work.”

David S., California

Very Concise and Easy


"Very concise and easy strategies for successful non-directional trades. Changed the way I view volatility & trading."

Mary Ann O., Florida

It's Very Easy

"Don and the staff are hard-working, dedicated and trustworthy. This is fully worth the price. I love the results. It’s very easy.”

Wayne W., Maryland

My Practice Will Be Paid For This Year


"Just a quick update. Our practice will be paid for this year, but our kids have started prep school (paid for, I might add, from my hard work and your help). My goal is to retire in four years. Thanks for all you do."

Joanna M., Maryland

It's Frickin' Easy To Use

"I love it. It works. That's the main thing, it works. The trade history graph, it works. It's so fricking easy to use, now that I know what I'm doing, it's not that hard. If people get it and realize how powerful it is, they'll be hooked. CAP worked out great. The next day, it shot up. It all goes back to that trade history graph. When I could start seeing in hind sight how great this is, you can't do all of this by hand. Fishback Option Value, are you kidding me? It's great. ”

Joe B., Washington

I've Never Found Anything As Uncomplex and As Simple As This


"Don had personally talked to me about the type of mutual funds that he uses for the 3 Easy system, and we incorporated that into our application and I am so very happy to say that it was very profitable for us. I’ll just say that we paid for the course about 3-1/2 times, with the first trade. The whole course was everything that he said it would be. We plan on using this to control our retirement money. And, it’s just an opportunity. I’ve been in trading & stock trading since the early 60’s, and I’ve never found anything as uncomplex and as simple as this, and provide returns that are greater than what I’ve had at anytime in the past."

Dick O., Florida