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The chart above shows how rapidly and easily profits pile up. $10,000 grows to $1,284,206 in no time at all.

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Joe D.

I’ve been using Don’s Simple VIX Profits method for over a year now, and with less than 5 minutes a day, my investment has tripled! Don has made everything so easy.

Joe D.
New Jersey
Jesse C.

You taught us how to invest using the difference of two numbers to decide investing in ETN's. My gains to date are 99+%… best investment I’ve made!

Jesse C.

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There exists a simple little trading system that has quietly identified trades that returned 12,742% over the past six years.

Normally, results like this would generate headlines as investors clamor to get aboard. But until now, world famous options expert Don Fishback has done nothing to publicize it.

A handful of select investors were taught this easy method at an exclusive live event in Las Vegas in October 2015. Since then, Don has been silent as these lucky investors have piled up the profits. But now, Don is opening up the black box and revealing these specific trades to the general public.

Announcing Don Fishback's Simple VIX Profits . . . providing specific trades that have identified gains of 12,742%. This exclusive recommendation service is now open, but only to traders having read Don's introductory book, Options For Beginnners.

Since you're probably already familiar with Don's scientific ODDS approach, you are invited to get a look at the amazing, home-run trades of Simple VIX Profits.



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Your Key To Turning $10,000 Into $1,284,206 In Six Years!

Starting with as little as $10,000 six years ago, as investor could have raked in annual profits like these from one of the simplest trading systems ever invented.

  • 2011: $10,000 more than doubles and grows into $23,658
  • 2012: $23,658 more than doubles and grows into $55,411
  • 2013: $55,411 nearly doubles and grows into $103,590
  • 2014: $103,590 nearly TRIPLES and grows into $289,617
  • 2015: $289,617 profits continue to climb into $317,266
  • 2016: $317,266 nearly doubles again and grows into $604,350
  • 2017: $604,350 profits continue to pile up and grow to $1,284,206

Now it's your chance to profit from this terrific system.

If you ever wanted to take just a small portion of your portfolio and invest it to double or triple in a short period of time, you'd want to invest in a system that:

  • Could hit home run after home run, and potentially turn $10,000 into $1,284,206 in just six years.
  • Could be traded easily and predictably, taking just a few seconds a day.
  • Told you exactly what to do - what to buy, when to buy, when to sell, and nothing left to chance.
  • Let's you win big whether the market is rising or falling.
  • On average, more than doubles your money every year.

Real People, Real Money, Real Profits . . .

“I have generated $17,843.20 profits in just over a month since joining your service."

- Nikolaus R., Wisconsin

"I'm up $100,000 so far."

- Nick C., Washington



The system is updated once a day. Calculations are done before the market opens so we have the latest data. And best of all, I do all the work for you.

I take two simple numbers from publicly available market data and calculate the value of a proprietary indicator. Depending on the value, this super-easy system instructs us to buy or sell an exchange-traded product.

The chart above shows our "fast" volatility indicator (bottom chart), along with a chart of the S&P 500 SPDR (top chart).

Once I have the indicator value, I then post instructions to a private web site telling you exactly what to do. It literally takes a few seconds of your time to potentially make loads of money.

This is a very simple system that switches back and forth between XIV and VXX. The system uses a proprietary indicator that compares short-term SPY historical volatility to SPX expected volatility to determine which of these two instruments to invest in. The daily indicator values are shown as the red columns in the chart above. Seriously, this system could not be easier!

Had you followed this system, you would have been out of a trade for only 8 days during the past 10 years. Even though you are almost always in a trade, you are not trading back and forth every day.  That's because we tend to hold winning trades as long as possible and cut our losses rapidly.



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YES! I am serious about becoming a successful trader.

Regular Price $5,980 $1,495 to qualified traders

Save $4,485 Early Adopter Discount.

As a SIMPLE VIX PROFITS subscriber you'll receive . . .


  • The same system that identified trades that could have turned your $10,000 into $1,284,206 in six years.
  • Almost Always In A Trade, So Your Money Keeps Working For You.
  • Start With Around $100.
  • Spend Minutes To Earn Thousands.
  • Full support from our staff of experts if you ever have questions.
  • Confidence with our Double Your Money Guarantee

A Legacy of Success

These people have used ODDS methods over the years, and found it to be everything they expected: SUCCESS

William M.

"I’m very familiar with statistics and probability, and believe in both a lot. I got to be real excited. Especially when you have an 85-90% chance of a winning trade. I think I’ve had 17 trades with 100% success, no losers. I’m thrilled to death."

William M., Tennessee
Mark A.

"Since I began trading using ODDS, I’ve enjoyed excellent success.  I also enjoy a fine lifestyle that I did not have before as a full-time trader.  I left the accounting profession so I can trade full-time."

Mark A., Virginia
Brance L.

"We have enjoyed being able to share it because we’ve had such success with it ourselves, that it would be good to share it with others. We’ve been so pleased with the results that we’ve had, and can certainly recommend him."

Brance L., Texas
Jon T.

"I’ve had great success with it.  It’s very easy to understand. It’s very cut and dry and you can utilize the principles, so it takes the guesswork out of what you need to do."

Jon T., New Jersey
Dennis P.

"I like that there’s theory that can be proven and it’s not difficult to do. You can spend a very small amount of time per week, and have great success.  It’s not a great time investment or great cash investment for that matter. "

Dennis P., Ohio
Peter M.

"Since the first of September to this point, I‘ve had one failure and a lot of success. I have probably realized something between $28,000 - $30,000 profit. Used correctly, options are a good way to have a steady income."

Peter M., Illinois

Real People, Real Money, Real Profits . . .

“Up $1,000 On A $5,000 Account In 30 days.  Fantastic!"

- Andrew E., Indiana

"in six weeks I've made $12,350."

- Hank W., Florida


We are so confident that our past performance of "doubling" every year that we are offering this unprecedented guarantee.

Each SIMPLY VIX PROFITS subscription comes with an unconditional "Double Your Money" performance guarantee. If you do not double your money during the 1-year term of your paid subscription (or 2-year if applicable), we will give you an extra year free.


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As you might imagine, the price of a service that can turn $10,000 into $1,284,206 is not cheap. But the relatively high price means that we can strictly limit the number of subscribers to ensure that you get filled on every trade at the right price.

Here's the deal: You can join SIMPLE VIX PROFITS for a limited time at the special introductory price of $1,495 per quarter $1,495 per year for a limited time only

This is a tiny investment when you consider the potential profit windfall you'll earn from the specific trades you get.

Remember, this system identified trades that turned $10,000 into $1,284,206+. And if we don't double your money in a year, the next year is on us. Absolutely free.

Please don't delay. Procrastinators don't drive Mercedes. If you want to be a millionaire, start acting like one. Take action now!

Just say the word and we'll give you all the knowledge and guidance you need to achieve this kind of success.



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YES! I am serious about becoming a successful trader.

Regular Price $5,980 $1,495 to qualified traders

Save $4,485 Early Adopter Discount.

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SIMPLE VIX PROFITS can help you realize your dreams... we're certain of it. As you follow our recommendations, you'll be amazed at the profit results. I expect you'll also be very interested in learning how it works.

Now we're going one step further. As you follow SIMPLE VIX PROFITS and achieve the results you like, you'll want to know why this system is so successful.

So we are sending you - absolutely free - a video DVD of Don's exclusive PROFITING FROM THE VOLATILITY RISK PREMIUM: A shockingly simple, award-winning way to generate huge profits from volatility... FAST and EASY.

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