Update 4/11/2019

Release Notes

ODDS® Online

Features & Updates:

  • Academic Scans
  • FOV IV
  • Scan Links

Academic Scans:

Added 4 Scans based on popular academic research, including…

  • Volatility of Volatility
  • Volatility HV – IV Difference
  • Skew 95 – 100 Difference
  • Term LT – ST Difference

These sortable scans help you zero in on opportunities identified by popular research papers.


This truly unique feature will help you stress test your option trades & help build confidence that you are in the right trades at the right price.

A video presentation on this feature is posted under the Coaching recorded sessions.

Scan Links:

Clicking on a symbol in a scan brings up three links that let you take the symbol to another section of the software.

The links take you to:

  • Charts
  • Chain
  • Strategy Wizard