Super-Smart Software That Makes Finding Exact Trades Fast and Easy

"We took more than three decades of experience plus everything we’ve learned about options and the way people think, and refined the process to be more efficient and precise."
Don Fishback

ODDS Online


Let Our Software Do The Work, So You Don't Have To!

  • PROVEN RESULTS: Quickly Find Stocks Using Proven Methods With Just One Click
  • PERFECTLY EASY: Find Real Trade You Can Actually Take in Just 20 Seconds
  • BEAUTY: Elegant Design Lets You Build and Analyze Your Own Trades Using Nothing But Your Finger
  • BRAINS: Get Access to Options Indicators Once Preserved for the Professional Elite
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Never worry about picking direction again

  • Rapidly find stocks whose price range is temporarily compressed to the extreme.
  • Profit from the explosive move that follows. Like a spring that has been coiled too tight.
  • ODDS Compression and MetaStock discovers these future price exploders in seconds.
  • Use MetaStock's Forecaster to uncover even more profit opportunities.
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ODDS Compression and MetaStock