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I met Don in 2004 in Las Vegas. I first read about him in some periodicals in 2002.Before I came [more...]

Hi, I'm Mary Ann, and I've spent 20 years in the financial services industry, and currently trading on my own [more...]

What I liked best? So much! Gave a different perspective, allowed me to look at a different way of looking at [more...]

My name is Karen. I'm a nurse and I'm from Reisterstown, Maryland.A peer of mine, a fellow nurse, can't say [more...]

I am Joanna and I'm from Cambridge, MD, and I'm a veterinarian. I have an engineering background. I did that [more...]

I'm Dick from St. Petersburg, FL.I'm currently retired and I plan to stay that way. We've always been interested in derivative [more...]

I'm Walt and I'm from Boca Raton, FL.Up till to date I've run 26 trades, 24 of them have been [more...]

My name is Dennis and I'm from Cincinnati Ohio.I've had great success. His methods make money. They're very successful. I have [more...]

I tend to measure our success in terms of percent return on what we've put out there to invest, rather [more...]

And since the first of September until this point, I can't give you accurate figures but I've had 1 failure [more...]

I'm Michael from Lexington, SC, near Columbia. I've invested a fortune in buying programs and methods and things of that [more...]

I'm Joseph from Lindenhurst, Illinois.I would like to learn more about the insides of trading, all the algorithms and methods [more...]

I'm Vaia and I live in Marietta, GA.I was very impressed by the brochure I received in the mail. I [more...]

I'm Sylvia, from Atlanta.Money motivates me, and I saw opportunities in the techniques that Don trains us on. And I've [more...]

My Name is John and I live in Orlando Florida.I started trading in 1997 actually when I went to my [more...]

My name is Whitney, and I’m from here in Lexington, Kentucky and I’m a full-time trader.I’ve been in the markets [more...]

I'm Steve from Manorville, New York. I started out with my retirement and I’ve actually doubled it. Mostly I trade in my [more...]

My Name is Bert I am from Florida. I've known Don since 2002.[If someone asked you if Don's stuff is worthwhile, [more...]

I'm Myra from Pass Christian, Mississippi. I'm Bob. What I like about it is you can understand what you are doing. [more...]

My Name is William, I'm from Blountville, Tennessee. I guess about a year and a half ago, I received one [more...]

My name is Wayne and I’m from Bellcamp, Maryland.I did a lot of different seminars. I was sort of one [more...]

My name is Tony and I’m from North Richland Hills, Texas.Actually I’ve used ODDS Online, and I love it the [more...]

I'm Sue.  I'm from the Chicago area.  I've worked in the industry for 30 years, not in the trading industry, [more...]

My name is Bill and I'm from Florida. We do primarily the credit spreads. They're easy to follow. I think the [more...]

“I’m John and I live here in Lexington. I’m retired, so I guess I’m full-time.I’ve switched over to options, and [more...]