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Real Success Stories from Real Customers

When people give you their money, you have a sacred trust to guard it. Protection must be your foremost and highest concern. At the same time, it's my job to make my clients money. I've been fortunate to do quite well with my trades following Don's methodology.

Don has more than one strategy, but I stick to the straddles and strangles. It's clean cut. It's simple. And I'm making my clients money with it.

Clive D. CT

I run the same trades in four different retirement accounts, and a business account.
I can easily earn $12,000 a month in each following Don's high probability strategies.
When you're talking about retirement money, it's better to go for a safe bet than to keep shooting in the dark...
As long as you do your homework, it's like money in the bank.

David A. CO

I'm more interested in predictability and consistency than a big score. So I prefer Don's high-probability credit-spreads. When doing my search, I use 85% probability as the criterion. But out of 3 dozen trades, only 2 didn't work, and that puts me north of the 90% success rate.

If you have $100,000 diversified into 20 positions averaging 15% return, that's $15,000 in about a month - pretty good income I'd say. I know my family could live on it.

Adam W. CT

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