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Real Success Stories from Real Customers

It's like anything else, you trade like a hobby, your gain will be as if it were a hobby. You treat it like a business, I think you can definitely get a good business income out of it.

Al S. AL

I'm more interested in predictability and consistency than a big score. So I prefer Don's high-probability credit-spreads. When doing my search, I use 85% probability as the criterion. But out of 3 dozen trades, only 2 didn't work, and that puts me north of the 90% success rate.

If you have $100,000 diversified into 20 positions averaging 15% return, that's $15,000 in about a month - pretty good income I'd say. I know my family could live on it.

Adam W. CT

I'm not interested in staying in the same trade for months on end. I'd get really bored with that. I'm a competitor. I play sports. I like action and I like to win. And in just a couple of months, I made $24,125 that I can use to pay off some bills.

The trades I did were really no brainer. It's not like they took a lot of time or needed any particular expertise. All I needed was the intestinal fortitude to push the button, that's all.

Joe K. MA

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