The New ODDS® Online

Exactly What I've Been Looking For

“Wow! Nobody else has the information your software does! My son’s a programmer & I thought I can hire him to program what I want, but now you’ve already done it! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” “It’s just fortuitous. I’ve been a follower of Don Fishback’s for years. I watched his videos back in the 90’s, and the information he supplies has been invaluable.”
Charles Z., Nevada

I Now Have An Exit Plan From My Job


“I use ODDS Software EVERY NIGHT! You have to service your customers, and Don does it the best of all. I have an exit plan from my job and will not be working my regular job anymore.”

Terry B., Colorado

ODDS Online Software
Analytics You Can Trust!

ODDS Online makes Options Trading Easy.
Start and stop subscription at anytime for only $29 per month.

ODDS Online

Quickly find out if your options are actually cheap or expensive for only $29 per month.
(*One-time setup fee of $399)

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“I have a system using ODDS software in conjunction with other resources that is scarily successful. I don't want anything else."

Nate L., Ohio

“His hard work is amazing. This thing is brilliant! By going through this, it’s nothing short of an amazing feat. I have a Phd in Cardiologist Pharmacology, and what Don has put together is a masterpiece! I praise his work that he has done with ODDS software."

Thomas E., Maine

I've Doubled My Money This Year

“I just need simple things, not overloaded, so with ODDS software I’ve doubled my money so far in the first 6 months. It’s really simple. And if the market finally makes up it's mind I could very well triple this year. I was actually praying for something like this, I’m serious. I had another program where I had to run all kinds of charts and formulas, and it was such unnecessary work. I just want to thank Don for creating it!

Steven D., Missouri

One of the few systems I've used that is actually making money


“I love the formatting in Don’s software. I go in there and look at all the probabilities of making a profit. And, it’s one of the very few systems that I have been involved in that actually makes money.”

"I've been doing well using credit spreads. Earlier in the year I started with $30,000, which today it is up to $42,683. Not too shabby! This is GREAT! Thank you! I am so glad I am using Don's method. It works."

Tony G., Texas

Designed To Put The ODDS On Your Side

“The software provides a tremendous amount of information and knowledge base to the student – all geared towards helping them to succeed in trading Options.

“This is truly designed to put the odds on your side to be successful in the Options Trading Market and also has an ingredient of integrity which is hard pressed to find in an organization these days.”

Barry S., Kentucky

ODDS Online

With ODDS Online it's easy to find trades that put the 'odds on your side' to be successful trading options, like Barry.

ODDS Online

WIth ODDS Online pay a one-time sign up fee of $399 then start & stop anytime you'd like for just $29/month.

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Paid for the Software in One Day

“I'm a new user and I managed to find a couple of profitable trades, covered calls, that paid for the software in one day!"

Steven G, California

“I'll continue to use ODDS as it pays for itself many times in virtually every trade! I'm VERY pleased with all of my ODDS service. Keep up the great work!"

John R., Texas

I Love The Results


“ODDS has been 100% accurate. My one non-ODDS trade was my only losing trade. ODDS is so consistent and reliable. Right now I am in 8 trades and they are all winning trades already, and I know my account will continue to grow. ODDS is fully worth the price. I love the results. It's very easy. You get your signal, you use it, and you follow it."

Wayne W., Maryland

I Love It. It Works

“I just love it. Your software has always helped me. I especially like the ability to historically view how the trade worked out. Pure genius, and it's so easy to use.” “You guys are selling it too cheap. If people get it and realize how powerful it is, they’ll be hooked.” “I love the videos, and after going through them I didn’t even have any questions."

Joe B., Washington

Bottom line - I'm 100% Successful

"In my first two months using Don's methods, I am 100% successful in my trades with profits over $3,800. Using ODDS software I did 5/5 successful put spreads and in the ODDS High Accuracy service I am 2/2 successful trades. I have used a number of investing systems over the years that were mostly unsuccessful."

"With Don, I know what my ODDS are before I even place the trade! Thank you Don and staff!"

James C., California

ODDS High Accuracy

With ODDS High Accuracy you receive precise entry and exit instructions on every trade and it only costs $1 to start!

ODDS High Accuracy

Best of all, to show you how confident we are, you don't pay till the trades we find are profitable. Then only $99 per month.
(Cancel anytime)

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I Don't Want Anything Else

“I have a system using ODDS software in conjunction with other resources that is scarily successful. I don't want anything else."

Nate L., Ohio

I'm Totally Addicted To It


"This is awesome! I don’t see anyone that knows what they’re talking about that has something like this. I’m totally addicted to it." "I wish I had more time, but I’d get in trouble somewhere in my life because I’d be on ODDS software all the time!" "I’m 43 yrs old, have been trading options for half my life now, and I even bought an IPad so I can be on ODDS software whenever I want!"

Bill S., Misouri

Traders need a clear path,
and ODDS software delivers it

“If there's something in the way slowing people down, we need to get it out of the way. Traders want a clear path so that they can find what they want in the wide world of options and can trade it in confidence. OptionApps delivers that fast and easy!"

Bruce S., Michigan

I'm Averaging $3,000 Per Month


“I got ODDS software which was one of the best things I did. In live trading I've been doing pretty well. I've been averaging $3,000 a month.”

Mike D., South Carolina