"The most money I ever made at one time was $69,000, which was pretty neat. And I have a nice new car. The fact that I have money now that I never had before... I feel that  I can treat myself."

How Would You Like to Have Money to "Treat Yourself"?

Arthur did it. He has a nice new car. He has money he never had before. And he feels he can treat himself.

All because he began using the high-probability ODDS trading methods taught to him by Don Fishback.

Now it’s your turn, only we are going to make it so easy, anyone can do it, even novices.

How Would You Like to Have Money to "Treat Yourself"?

Our Specific Recommendations Have a Multi-Year History of +90% Accuracy and the Potential to Earn Double Digit Returns Every Week.

You owe it to yourself to check it out!




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How Would You Like to Have Your Own Cash Faucet?


Don’s way of calculating probability and profitability is spot on. In fact, it’s so accurate, ever since 2000 I’ve been able to trade for a living. Basically, it’s like having a cash faucet you can turn on any time by just placing another trade. It really is awesome.

Paul D. Electronics Engineer

The Simple Secret To A Realistic
Approach For Building Wealth

The one concern I've heard about ODDS is this, "I'm convinced this method works, but I'm just not sure if I can do it." Well, because you've asked for it, I've made it easy for you to trade with ODDS High Accuracy. It's not rocket science! It just seems that way.

ODDS High Accuracy Options is a subscription service where, the instant I uncover a reliable High Accuracy options trade, I will provide the details on my private, secure web site you can access from anywhere.

You heard right. Because my time is valuable and so is yours, you'll get the straight deal and you'll get it immediately.

There is complex math but that's where I come in. I do the work and hand every trade to you on a silver platter. I'll tell you exactly when to get in and at what price. And just as important, I'll also tell you exactly when to get out.

You can easily follow the trade signals... with no effort or work on your part.

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Real People, Real Results

These people have used ODDS methods over the years, and found it to be everything they expected: SUCCESS


"I’m very familiar with statistics and probability, and believe in both a lot. I got to be real excited. Especially when you have an 85-90% chance of a winning trade. I think I’ve had 17 trades with 100% success, no losers. I’m thrilled to death."

William M, Tennessee

"Since I began trading using ODDS, I’ve enjoyed excellent success.  I also enjoy a fine lifestyle that I did not have before as a full-time trader.  I left the accounting profession so I can trade full-time."

Mark A, Virginia

"We have enjoyed being able to share it because we’ve had such success with it ourselves, that it would be good to share it with others. We’ve been so pleased with the results that we’ve had, and can certainly recommend him."

Brance L, Texas


"I’ve had great success with it.  It’s very easy to understand. It’s very cut and dry and you can utilize the principles, so it takes the guesswork out of what you need to do."

Jon T, New Jersey

"I like that there’s theory that can be proven and it’s not difficult to do. You can spend a very small amount of time per week, and have great success.  It’s not a great time investment or great cash investment for that matter. "

Dennis P, Ohio

"Since the first of September to this point, I‘ve had one failure and a lot of successes. I have probably realized something between $28,000 - $30,000 profit. Used correctly, options are a good way to have a steady income."

Peter M, Illinois

Our Iron-Clad Guarantee

Unprecedented Performance Guaranteed, or Your Money BACK!

When you decide to join me, you'll have one full year to follow ODDS High Accuracy for yourself.  If the recommendations we provide do not generate a profit during your one-year subscription, just ask and we will refund your payment*.  Follow the trades ... learn the secrets ... see for yourself!

ODDS High Accuracy is for serious options traders only and is available for $2,995.

I Want All My Trades To Be High Accuracy Trades


We distill everything down to a one-page daily preliminary report. Then, Don Fishback himself does pre-market research and writes the daily report each morning. And when he finds a trade that has explosive profit potential, he posts it in a secure, members-only private web site that you can access from any device.

Word-for-word instructions are provided. Just enter the trade online, or if you’re old fashioned like our President and Founder, you read the instructions to your broker. Either way, you’re getting the equivalent to a turnkey business that you can start right away.


Benefits that Treat You Right

  • Opportunity for Ridiculously Fast Profits. Get trade recommendations from one of the nation’s most respected analysts. As Robert in NY tells us, he’s made a $378,625 profit in just 3 years! Imagine the thrill of seeing thousands of dollars added to your account.
  • Opportunity for a High Percentage of Winners. You’ll enjoy lots of “steady growth” trades every week. Just think how fast you could achieve your financial goals at that rate.
  • Word-for-Word Trade Instructions. Just go online or call your broker and read directly from our privagte secure web site. Everything you need to place your order is provided. There’s nothing for you to think about and you can’t get it wrong. This is the easiest way in the world for you to trade for higher profits.
  • Directions for Trade Management. It’s very unlikely you’ll even need this, but we’re there just in case. Every trading day, we recap the status of all open trades and tell you exactly when to take profits or make an adjustment. All the strategizing is done for you, so you can trade with stress-free confidence.
  • Expert Guidance. You decide for yourself how much you sould invest. But if you have a question concerning our recommendations, just pick up the phone or dash off an email. We’ll promptly get back to you. (We cannot, however, give you personalized advice regarding specific trades you may be contemplating, or comment on your specific financial needs, objectives or investment portfolio). Enjoy the self-assurance that comes when you trade with complete understanding of what you’re doing.
  • Complete Control of Your Funds. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Have the opportunity to make extraordinary profits based on advice of a seasoned professional who has tremendous talent and a proven system. And at the same time, maintain total control of your account, so you pay no management fees and you have immediate access to your money at all times.

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"As a former chief of police, senior business executive, author and certified fraud examiner, I’ve developed strict criteria on which I build relationships. Integrity and professional competency are two key components of that criteria. Over several years of interacting with Don Fishback and his staff they have earned my confidence, trust, and respect."

Bud B, Florida

"He’s a brilliant man, and that’s obvious at first blush. But he’s personable and seems like he has a real heart for helping people - not just lining his own pockets, but also helping other people do well. He is also a philanthropist, which is an area that we have a real interest in. So he’s the real deal. I think he’s an extraordinary individual, the type of guy you just don’t hear too much about or get to meet in this day and time. People like Don are few and far between, so we feel very blessed to have come across his path."

Beth L, Texas

Integrity That Matters

ODDS High Accuracy can help you realize your dreams... we're certain of it. And we've back up our claim with a one-year performance guarantee so you can satisfy our curiosity without risking any money. Now we're going one step further. As you follow ODDS High Accuracy, and achieve results you like, you'll want to knowhow and why this system works.

So, we are sending you a video on DVD of Don's exclusive High Probability of the Stock Indexes seminar. You must act now, as this amazing bonus is only available to the next 20 openings for this elite service. This valuable DVD contains the secrets and strategies that let you apply amazingly accurate, near-perfect credit spreads to the highly lucrative stock index markets.

Discover the secrets of High Accuracy And Actual Profits:

  • Amazing 95.2% accuracy in 6-year independent study
  • Returns of $126,000 Profit Per Year in Actual Trading
  • Independent Study of 707 wins out of 732 trades

It is not available anywhere else at any price! When you submit your subscription application, I'll immediately send you High Probability Secrets of the Stock Indexes, valued at $3,000, absolutely free. This is my Welcome Gift to you. This revealing exclusive DVD seminar is yours to profit from and keep. Don't pass up this generous offer. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Integrity That Matters

This recommendation service will sell out, and it will sell out quickly. The last time we launched a service that contained these types of recommendations, we had a months-long waiting list. Those of you who have been turned away or spent time on our waiting list know just how serious we are about this. Our services are strictly limited. Mr. Fishback does not need to make huge, exaggerated claims. ODDS High Accuracy speaks for itself.

So don’t wait another minute. Don’t let those profits pass you by. Sign up now before it’s too late.

Details, Details...

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