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Opportunity for Big Profits

Now we are revealing an ALL NEW, specific way to easily pounce on high profit trades. These trades seek returns of 100%, 200%, 400% and higher.

These are the trades many customers have been begging for. They want a simple option buying strategy. They don’t want to depend on the direction on the market. They want the investment to be small. And they want their profits to be huge!

ODDS Burning Fuse delivers: It’s so simple, but powerful, it’s shocking. These high profit trades make money in up or down markets. When it comes to investment size, the average is less than $400. Some are as small as $68.

But when it comes to profits, we’re talking BIG $$.

The ODDS Burning Fuse method has piled up cumulative profits of 9,529% in testing and live recommendations.


Beautifully Simple

The idea driving ODDS Burning Fuse is actually quite simple:

1. Find a stock whose price is compressed for no fundamental reason.

2. Evaluate the options to make sure they are priced correctly.

And that’s it. Head to the beach, spend time with the family, do what you want to do.

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Lead By Example

Here’s a recent example of an ODDS Burning Fuse recommendation. The stock is Textron (TXT).

Clearly you can see how the range is narrowing. Some people think of it as a spring that has been coiled so tight, it is about to break. Others think it's like a "burning fuse", and the explosion is just moments away.


The question is, in what direction will it break?

Here's the great part: It doesn't matter! We use a strategy that makes money no matter which way the stock goes


And here is what happened to TXT shares just a few days after the signal.


An explosive move, just as ODDS Burning Fuse predicted.

Again, as this example shows, it didn’t matter if TXT shares went up or down. TXT just had to move. Extensive research shows that when stocks get compressed like TXT did, an explosive move is around the corner.

You Can Do It!

We do the work for you.

That’s the beauty of ODDS Burning Fuse. Our firm is a global provider of information from the most advanced options database on the planet to ordinary men and women. In other words, we utilize the best information money can buy.

We take that options information, perform our own technological magic tricks to speed things up even faster. Then we conduct extensive research to find the best methods for people just like you.

Trades Selected By Don Fishback

We distill everything down to a one-page daily preliminary report. Then, Don does pre-market research and writes the report each morning. And when he finds a trade that has explosive profit potential, he posts it in a secure, private web site that you can access from any device.

Word-for-word instructions are provided. Just enter the trade online, or if you’re old fashioned like Don, you read the instructions to your broker.


We Really Do Make Options Easy!

"I don't have to pick a direction - I make money whether the stock moves up or down... and floored by the results I am getting. On one straddle I made $14,000 in one week."

Kevin L, Ohio

"I prefer Don's straddle strategy. I want protection both ways. Income from my $25,000 trading account has gone to fund private school for our four kids."

Matt L, state

“Thanks to your method of buying options, I have been able to realize significant profits on the positions I have placed. I pocketed several thousand dollars.”

Clive D, Connecticut

It Really Is That Simple

Our “big data” and our computers, and our experienced team headed by Don Fishback do all the work so all you do is follow the instructions.

Get Explosive Profits Now

Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

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