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Research has shown that investors routinely overestimate a key market factor. This mispricing gives smart investors the opportunity to make big, reliable profits.

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The strength of this all-weather system is based on one very simple concept: AVOID BEAR MARKETS. Sounds simple enough. But is that really possible?

Well, 20 years after introducing this to the public, savvy investors could have made quadrupled their profits with half the risk of the stock market.

Best of all, it takes no time at all. Just five minutes each week. As Dick from Florida said, "It's perfect for the lazy investor."

Core Strategy #4 - Follow The Money

Let’s face it, insiders using private information try to profit from that access. Even though it’s illegal, they still do it. And they do it because of the opportunity for massive profits.

Here’s the thing that many of those inside traders don’t realize... they leave a trail. And with the right tools, informed traders can follow along... legally.

In fact, by tracking this kind of activity, we were able to reveal massive winners to thousands of people the AKS call trade that made 876% in just four weeks.

Core Strategy #5 - High Accuracy Winners.

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Get your own cash faucet by using our High Accuracy strategy.

First developed in 1993, and revealed to the public in April 1995, Don Fishback's ODDS High Accuracy strategy has a 24-year record of success. In fact, many traders have reported 100% accuracy for months at a time, even when the market punished others.


As Paul D. said, "Don’s way of calculating probability and profitability is spot on. In fact, it’s so accurate, ever since 2000 I’ve been able to trade for a living. Basically, it’s like having a cash faucet you can turn on any time by just placing another trade. It really is awesome."




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“He cares about his students. He really, really cares, and that is rare. He's not in it for the money. He really cares about us. And the fact that your support system is so responsive immediately - that shows you really care about people and how we're doing. And that is very unusual in my kind of business, especially trading.”

Sylvia B.

“After 15 years of being with Don Fishback, the primary reason I have stayed with him is because of his integrity and credibility.”

Al S.

“Don is not only a “Superbrain” when it comes to Options but is passionate that the student see the potential that trading 0ptions offers. His course is truly designed to put the odds on your side to be successful in the options trading market and also has an ingredient of integrity which is hard pressed to find in an organization these days.”

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Regular Price $6,118 $1,997 to qualified traders

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