August 17, 2018

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Get Educated for Better Results

"Knowledge is Power."

-- Sir Francis Bacon, 1597

"Sir Francis was right; Knowledge is power. Knowledge is also a prerequisite to achieving your goals. I teach because I love to share knowledge. Because with knowledge, we can all succeed together."

-- Don Fishback, 2016

Profit Power

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Learn the precise trading methods for Don Fishback’s sold-out recommendation services.

  • Watch over Mr. Fishback’s shoulder as his finds and executes live trades with real money.
  • Mr. Fishback will teach you how to master new core strategies so you can take your option trading skills to the next level - and ultimately put more money into your bank account.
  • Learn how to eliminate low-expectation trades so you can stop blowing money.
  • Learn when the ODDS are in your favor and get consistent results that can help you make more money.
  • Full recording of the latest 2-1/2 day, sold-out, intensive LIVE seminar held in Las Vegas.

Make Investing Easier, More Reliable, More Profitable and Less Risky

  • You will learn how to use options Generate Income
  • You will learn how options can be used to Increase Probability of Success
  • You will learn 3 fast and easy options investment strategies with a 25-year history of higher profits and less risk
  • You will learn how to Change the Rules and Think Differently to make money consistently

What Are Options?

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The Casino Secret to Profitable Options Trading

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FINALLY REVEALED! The Secret Edge Professionals Have That Gives Them An Unfair Advantage

  • All options are based on the ODDS of success. And this is *the* premiere course on market probability.
  • Successful gamblers know that their edge comes from knowing the ODDS -- their likelihood of success, and their opponent's, whether it's another gambler or the house.
  • It's the same thing with options. Evaluating options requires the same skills used to evaluate games of chance, whether you're talking about casino games or lotteries.
  • Get the edge you need, and learn how you can use ODDS and probability to get an unfair advantage.

Professional Investors Agree That Don Fishback's ODDS Is Essential to Options Trading Success

Larry McMillan

“An excellent treatise on how to calculate the probability of a market move occurring – an important tool for the serious trader. Don’s presentation is thorough, analytical, and delivered at a pace that makes it easy to understand.”

Larry McMillan, McMillan Analysis
Jon Najarian

“ODDS is the very first step in an intensive training process each of my traders must complete. ODDS teaches my traders the real meaning of volatility and it gives them the tools to calculate probability. It gives them the knowledge they must have in order to progress.”

Jon Najarian, Professional Investor
Steve Nison

“I was blown away by how flexible and easy ODDS is. It had amazing technology that makes it lighting fast to find great option trading strategies. Once I saw the power of ODDS, I knew I had to get this to my family ASAP.”

Steve Nison,

Don't Take Our Word For It. Check Out The "Love" We Get From Real People.

Jeff M.

"I absolutely love the ODDS OptionApps system and plan to use it the rest of my life."

Jeff M., California
Bill S.

"I love that every day it gives you which calls, spreads of condors are the best trades. ODDS OptionApps is extremely powerful. I could not believe it. And then you upgrade for free and it gives daily trades!"

Bill S., Missouri
Tony G.

"I love the formatting in the software. I go in there and take a look at all the probabilities of making a profit. And it's been very good in that it's one of the very few systems that I have been involved in that actually makes money."

Tony G., Texas

Simple Enough For Individuals, Powerful Enough For Pros, Integrity You Can Count On

Joe L.

"With Don and Terri's integrity, I view us as a great trading team. Don's services make trading options like a pro possible."

Joe L., Pennsylvania
Terry B.

"I use ODDS OptionApps every night! My two buddies and I are doing this together. Don is the 'top of the rock'. You'll never find anyone more ethical or with more integrity than Don Fishback."

Terry B., Colorado
Al S.

"Don provides great and useful information while not making a sales pitch. He's a smart teacher, and his software provides a rich learning experience."

Al S., Alabama

"ODDS® OptionApps™ introduces
new and innovative analytic
functionality for both professional
and individual investors."

Gerald H., Jr., PhD
New York

"Your program is far and away the most user friendly I have seen."

Barbara S.

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Mr. Fishback was even cited as an expert on probability and its application to the financial markets in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine!

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