For traders trying to navigate extreme market conditions, Your Friend & Don Fishback are here to help. 

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For a limited time, we are giving away access to our flagship ODDS Online Software, Coaching & Community to help investors learn how to navigate extreme market conditions.

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With the market experiencing the most tumultuous period since the Financial Crisis, we know that some traders could use a helping hand. We know because we’ve been there, in good times and in bad. In fact, in the past 27 years in business, and Mr. Fishback’s 35-year career in the options industry, he’s seen just about everything.

To help those who may want that extra boost that comes with world-class software, interactive coaching from a professional, and a community where you can interact with other traders so you’re not out there all by yourself, we’re offering free access and expanded live education sessions that will help enable you to succeed.

Don Fishback and the entire ODDS Online team trade. We use our software to find trades and discuss it with one another. Between the analytics, the scans, the screens and the valuation tools, ODDS Online will give you what you need to navigate this potentially treacherous terrain. And the ability to interact with other like-minded traders to get feedback means you’re not alone.

In fact, during the coaching classes, you’ll be working with a pro to find trades as a group. Many of the recent trades the group found have been outrageously profitable during this downswing.

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Because you are a valued customer, we would like to offer you one month of our premium advisory service for only $1. After that, it is only $99 per month if the trades provided by the service produce a profit*. Just click the button below to take advantage of this offer

* ODDS High Accuracy Monthlys performance measurements and billing cycle are measured using the options industry’s monthly expiration calendar. A copy of that calendar can be found here. Your initial $1 payment gives you access to all trade recommendations for an initial 21-day period where you can access the recommendations on the private, secure web site. Once that initial period has past, payment is dependent on the performance of the trade recommendations (including follow-up instructions) issued to subscribers.If the subsequent recommendations comprising a particular options expiration that are part of the model portfolio are not profitable (that is, the sum of the percent returns for a particular expiration month is negative before fees and commissions), no fees will be assessed for that expiration. However, if the model portfolio shows a cumulative net profit for an expiration (that is, the sum of the percent returns for a particular expiration month is positive before fees and commissions), you will be charged $99 on that expiration. The charge will be made to the card you used when you first enrolled. To avoid this charge, you must cancel your subscription prior to 5:00 pm ET the day before options expiration for that month.

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