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"So I ordered the software and played with it for a while, and I loved it. I'm a very visual person, and the most important thing to me was that I can see the graphs of everything that I could ever imagine putting together, I could see the graphs and it worked! It worked for me. There are times when I had some extenuating circumstances concerning my children and I need extra cash, and honestly, I said okay I've got to generate some income, and I was able to do that. Several times I've put on some trades and generated $1,000 at a time. And I was able to use the ODDS software and go in there and say okay I want to put on this trade and if I did this trade what's my probability of coming out ahead. I was able to do it and pick the right trades and generate enough income that I needed for the time."

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Joanna M. Veterinarian

Social Security doesn't meet our needs. So a few months ago I subscribed to ODDS Online and that changed everything. I paid $2,200 for 15 Amarin Corp. calls and sold them for $9,300 four months later... we‟re talking 4-bagger profits of 320%!

If you want to trade options, you absolutely must have the kind of risk, reward, and probability data ODDS online provides. I don‘t see any way you can successfully trade options – or stocks either for that matter— without it.

Bob G. IL

The software provides a tremendous amount of information and knowledge base to the student – all geared towards helping them to succeed in trading Options.

This is truly designed to put the odds on your side to be successful in the Options Trading Market and also has an ingredient of integrity which is hard pressed to find in an organization these days.

Barry S. KY

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Because you are a valued customer, we would like to offer you one month of our premium advisory service for only $1. After that, it is only $99 per month if the trades provided by the service produce a profit*. Just click the button below to take advantage of this offer

* ODDS High Accuracy Monthlys performance measurements and billing cycle are measured using the options industry’s monthly expiration calendar. A copy of that calendar can be found here. https://www.theocc.com/about/publications/expiration-calendar.jsp. Your initial $1 payment gives you access to all trade recommendations for an initial 21-day period where you can access the recommendations on the private, secure web site. Once that initial period has past, payment is dependent on the performance of the trade recommendations (including follow-up instructions) issued to subscribers.If the subsequent recommendations comprising a particular options expiration that are part of the model portfolio are not profitable (that is, the sum of the percent returns for a particular expiration month is negative before fees and commissions), no fees will be assessed for that expiration. However, if the model portfolio shows a cumulative net profit for an expiration (that is, the sum of the percent returns for a particular expiration month is positive before fees and commissions), you will be charged $99 on that expiration. The charge will be made to the card you used when you first enrolled. To avoid this charge, you must cancel your subscription prior to 5:00 pm ET the day before options expiration for that month.

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