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Denis C. Mattiluck, NY
One Happy Camper
"I started and spent a few weeks getting comfortable with your ODDS system. I concentrated on the "high profit" section and did my first trade with an account balance of $10,300. Using strangles and straddles in lots of one, two, and sometimes three I had some great results... All-in-all my account increased by over $7000... one happy camper here. "

Matt L Concord, CA.
$11,000 in 45 days
"I prefer Don's straddle/strangle strategy for two reasons. First the profit potential is terrific. For example in September I invested $10,564 in a straddle. And within 45 days I cashed out with an $11,000 profit...The other reason I prefer straddles and strangles is because I want protection both way. ..Don's high-profit strategy protects my downside while putting me in position to earn a significant profit...supplementing my income isn't something I dream of doing in the future, it's something I count on now....Income from my $25,000 trading account has gone to help fund private school for our four kids."

Marian F., Big Lake, MN
First Time I've Made Any Money
"With my straddles, I wait and see which way it’s going and get rid of the other half. I like that a lot. A lot of mine went up $400 to $500 in profits. I have several open now, and each one is up $112, $294, $454, $345, $326, $68, $23, and$228 in profits. Out of those I think I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been very careful, only buying 1 and 2. I’m getting a little braver, so now I’m going with 2. I sold one for $473, and another for $382, and then I still have these open. This is the first time I’ve made any money. I’ve traded options before, but never traded straddles. I didn’t know anything about them. I learned from the class that I could sell the other half when it’s not going that way, now I’m making this kind of money and I’m dancing all over the place."

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