Tony uses the simplicity of ODDS Software to earn 100% gain in a year.

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My name is Tony and I’m from North Richland Hills, Texas.  Actually I’ve used ODDS Online, and I love it the way it’s formatted… it’s website, Don’s website, you know you go in there and look at all the probability of making a profit.  It’s been very good in that it’s one of the very few systems that I’ve been involved … Read More


//Crowding is Back //

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I recently recorded a video about market fragility and how Dispersion Trading can be an elixir to markets that experience explosive volatility out of nowhere. But what causes that explosive volatility in the first place? The answer is low liquidity. Rising rates have a lot to do with it. But another factor is “crowding”. And there are two developments that … Read More


//Something Missing? //

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If you’re into probability — that would be anyone who has ODDS in their name like I do — this is a thought-provoking chart from a Bloomberg article this morning. I’ve created charts similar to this in the past using my trusty spreadsheets. What they’ve done that is different from the normal bell curve is that instead of using the … Read More