//Outcome Bias //

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I want everyone to read this article by Joe Wiggins. As an investing instructor for over 20 years, I’ve been uniquely positioned to witness the effect of outcome bias. In the middle of the dot-com bubble, I saw my Dad second mortgage his house to get money to trade. He was always asking me to tell him which stock is … Read More


//I think this is misguided //

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I like Vanguard. But this is ridiculous. Vanguard Won’t Let Investors Trade These Popular—but Controversial—Products Vanguard Group will no longer allow individual investors to make new trades on certain investments that seek to magnify bets, pouring cold water on strategies that became popular after the last financial crisis. Starting January 22, customers won’t be able to purchase so-called leveraged or … Read More


//Three easy factors yield curve //

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Powell finally gets it. Hopefully not too late. The yield curve was narrowing rapidly these past few weeks, as short rates continued to climb in anticipation that Powell meant what he said in early October about future rate hikes being needed, while long rates reacted to the huge decline in commodity prices. Those declines signaled the potential for DEflation, although … Read More