//Copper Plunge Has Me Nervous //

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Here’s an interesting article about the plunge in copper, and how it might be signaling future economic weakness. Those of you familiar with our simple three factor system know that one of the factors is commodity prices. When commodity prices fall sharply – not just fall, but plunge – it’s reason to be nervous because it signals that demand is … Read More


//Behavioral Economics in the Real World //

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Here’s an interesting discussion on MSNBC regarding behavioral economics and perceptions related to their tax refunds for 2018. Basically, the anchor and his technology correspondent both support and acknowledge that most people saved a ton of money by paying lower taxes. But because the amount withheld shrank – meaning people got to keep more of their money – refunds are … Read More


//Three easy factors yield curve //

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Powell finally gets it. Hopefully not too late. The yield curve was narrowing rapidly these past few weeks, as short rates continued to climb in anticipation that Powell meant what he said in early October about future rate hikes being needed, while long rates reacted to the huge decline in commodity prices. Those declines signaled the potential for DEflation, although … Read More