“I’ve been following Don Fishback’s 3 Pillars To Wealth for my retirement account. And if you want financial independence, that is the key.”

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Hi, I'm Mary Ann, and I've spent 20 years in the financial services industry, and currently trading on my own as my own business. 

I've been following Don Fishack's 6 Number System (aka- 3 Pillars To Wealth) for my retirement account. And if you want financial independence, that is the key. The signals are very clear, very easy to follow, and takes only 20 minutes a week. And you can really build your portfolio for a very financially independent retirement.

I've been following him for about 8 months and in 8 months being up 8%, actually to 10% in 8 months.

Well, it seemed like a different kind of philosophy than I had seen out there in the industry, and it looked like something that someone that does not have a background in finance can easily follow and a very busy person can easily follow his systems and I think he's designed that with them in mind.

Yes, I think he's the type of person who has everyone's best interest in mind, and I think he got involved in the business he's in because he cares. And he wants to share the information that he has and the knowledge he has to help other people. And I can sense that, and that's a good feeling. It gives you a feeling of trust and confidence.

Yes, I've taken this course with Don Fishback and I'm really excited about the information I've learned. And even though I've been in the business for 20 years, there's a lot of information that I didn't know about and I did not have access to, and I think this is finally coming out to the general public so that they can take advantage of some of these techniques.

I think before we did not have that opportunity, and Don has made that possible. And now that I can apply that to my own account for my own personal use, I'm very pleased with that.

--Mary Ann O.

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