“I’ve been very very pleased with the techniques I’ve learned and put into practice.”

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I'm Sylvia, from Atlanta.

Money motivates me, and I saw opportunities in the techniques that Don trains us on. And I've had a very successful Home Run trade, which builds confidence in the beginners.

So I've been very very pleased with the techniques I've learned and put into practice.

I made 100% profit on my Home Run trade, and within four months of attending the first seminar I made a $12,000 profit in my straddles and my Home Run trade.

I have followed other analysts and other recommendations and have lost money, and they're part of my past.

From now on it's Don Fishback, and I will forever be a student of Don. He's my financial guru.

He's a financial genius. And he's so sincere and honest, and that's very obvious from the get go.

So I'm telling all my friends and people I meet about Don and they should be coming to his conferences and Seminars. And of course I want them to learn the same, and I want them to have the same level of success that we've had.

It's been a difficult year in the market. And I think people, for a lot of investors we're searching for new techniques and new ways to guard our investments and our savings.

--Sylvia B.

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