If you can use a smart phone ...
then YOU TOO could have earned 266% ...
382% ... even 481% ... in a matter of WEEKS!

It only takes TWO SIMPLE STEPS. Just go to a website —
and then follow these exact trading instructions (revealed below).

That's it!

Doing so could have already netted you:

  • ... up to 76 winners in a row

  • ... won 301 out of 306 trades
    (including an industry-leading 98.4%-win rate)

  • ... up to 1,040% annualized gain per trade

  • ... and turned a $5,000 account into a passive $146,309 annual retirement income!

Trading is USUALLY low-risk, low-return. Or high-return but high-risk.

But what if there was an approach that could give you high returns — AND keep your overall risk low?

That would be the holy grail of trading.

And it would finally allow YOU to live the lifestyle you deserve.

It's likely the ONLY way to retire in the next 5-10 years, and be totally set for life.

That's why this is one of the greatest trading breakthroughs of our time.

High-Accuracy, 6-Figure Trading ...
As Simple as Following THESE TWO STEPS

I've been a globally renowned professional analyst and trainer for approaching 30 years now. I've taught students all over the world, published best-selling books, been quoted by major media outlets like Financial Times.

Recently, I attempted a bold experiment — unlike anything I'd ever done.

Though I'd already had hundreds of students make real, life-changing profits.

Like Bob M., who made $27,600 with 40 wins and 2 losses.

Or E.H. in Massachusetts, who made $57,000 in a month.

Or Sangay A., Craig W., John H. and others, who won 100% of their trades over an impressive period of time. Arthur in Florida even told us he made ...

$69,000 in One Trade!

(He said, "It was pretty neat.")

I felt like more was possible. I wanted to test a two-step approach that combines both of my most profitable strategies.

One of the approaches had already been producing double (and sometimes triple) digit monthly gains for my students and customers.

While the "safer" approach had produced per trade gains of 8.5-10% — on a near weekly basis.

So I got a test group together, to trade with this new hybrid method. The goal was to see just how much they could all make.

The buzz was considerable. Especially because my own initial experimentation showed the highest PER TRADE profits of anything I'd ever done on my aggressive trades — while still maintaining my industry-leading accuracy of 90-98% on my safer approach.

Some of the initial winners included ...

Seagate Technology — a 77% gain — nearly doubling our money in the time it takes to make a morning cup of coffee.


That's $3,850 profit in just a few minutes of work!

Or La Jolla Pharmaceutical, which shot up 111% — more than doubling our money.


Imagine making $5,550 in under 5 minutes!

And if you think that's impressive, check out our Diamond Foods trade, which shot up 205%.


That's $10,250 generated in an insanely short period of time.

3 Trades... 15 Minutes... $19,650 in PROFIT...
That's an Astonishing $1,310 PER MINUTE!

To be fair, those trades didn't close in minutes. The positions took over 30 days before you could fully exit with those giant profits.

However, it's entirely accurate to say it only took MINUTES to uncover and execute each trade.

It was beginning to look like this combined, hybrid approach might produce higher per trade profits AND higher accuracy than anything I'd ever done.

You see, I'd always prioritized either one or the other.

I never opened myself to the possibility that having BOTH in one system could work so well.

That's when I began performing an even deeper month-by-month analysis of both my safe and aggressive strategies.

As you already learned: one had been producing a 90.5% win rate at 8.5-10% per weekly trade. The other triggered trades that consistently hit returns of 100%, 200%, 400%, and higher — but only won a little over half the time.

The key would be knowing when (and with what frequency) to execute a safe trade — versus when and how often to be aggressive. I became obsessed with this problem.

I knew if I figured it out, I'd have one of the overall best performing trading systems on the planet.

Then one day, after pouring through hundreds of charts and spreadsheets — it hit me.

I Couldn't Believe My Eyes!

The answer had been staring me in the face all along.

I didn't need a magic filter or new set of indicators or algorithm. I just needed to follow the math.

Think about it like this: let's say you win 9 out of 10 times and make 10% for each time you win. That's 90% cumulatively.

On the one time that you lose, assume you lose an average of 60%. That's a bigger loss, but it's so infrequent, you've still gained 30% over a two-month period. That's an incredible return over two months considering the safety.

And then on the aggressive side. Even if you only won half the time, but when you did, you tripled your money ... well, the math is in your favor there, too. You might lose money 45% of the time — however, those losses are offset by the 100-200% winners you get the other half of the time.

I was bouncing with such excitement, my wife asked me, "Don, are you okay???"

"Yes!" I told her. "I've just made a discovery that means my students may never have to work at a day job, ever again."

I showed her the 135% winner we had with Lincoln National, which more than doubled our money in a few minutes of work. Just like you see here:


135% doesn't sound like much, but when you combine the accuracy and time-efficiency of this method ... you realize banking $6,750 in MINUTES is pretty darn amazing.

And the same holds true for our Constellation Brands trade that produced an 82% return ...


...which translated into
$4,100 in less than 5 minutes of work.

Or our Visteon 103% winner:


... which more than doubled our money,
producing $5,150 in minutes.

Then we had a +112% with iRobot.


... a single 5-minute trade that bagged us $5,600!

And United Rentals, which produced 185% ...


... turning our short time investment into $9,250!

And one of our best trades with this method, one involving Alphabet — which generated a 382% win ...


... giving us $19,100 in PURE PROFIT with just a few minutes of effort.

That's $49,910 in Income for Just 30 Minutes of "Work"!

Can you see why I was so excited?

Earning nearly $100,000 for each hour of "work" ... made me feel like a star athlete or celebrity.

Again, the key is having both approaches working together: a safe and steady one that allows high-accuracy double-digit gains — along with the triple-digit potential of the more aggressive approach.

That way, if you ever have a down month on your aggressive trades — the slow, steady, high-accuracy approach helps you compensate and offset any losses.

No longer are you forced to choose between safe, but exceedingly slow gains ... OR ...

Risk levels so high, when things go south — you lose everything.

This NEW 1-2 hybrid approach gives you the best of both worlds. You get unparalleled consistency AND the ability to go for big returns whenever the opportunity arises.

It very much allows you to ...

Become the Casino and
Never Truly Gamble Again

Everyone knows it's the casinos, NOT the gamblers who make the real money.

Sure, they pay out big every once in a while ... however, they make so much taking a small cut from the vast majority of losing bets, that's the smart money.

This is a lot like the safe approach I've perfected. It earns you money on smaller moves about 90-93% of the time, like clockwork.

The return might only be as little as 8.5-10% per weekly trade, and the very infrequent losses could be higher. However, when you win 90%+ of the time, you still come out way ahead.

Here's the best part, though ...

Because even though this strategy primarily puts you in the role of the casino owner, making small gains on a high percentage of activity ... when the opportunity to win gets big enough, you can also go for bigger gains, too.

That's what my more aggressive strategy allows. Even though it only wins a little more than half the time, it's common to hit winners of 100% ... 200% ... 300% ... or more, making the risk worthwhile.

And again, it's the COMBINATION — grabbing small, steady gains that win nearly all of the time ... while occasionally taking trades with a little less certainty for much bigger potential profits — that is a game-changer.

How 10 Contracts Earned Us $83,270

On the next chart, you'll see a trade involving Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (RGEN).

It was one of the more impressive trades we executed as part of this combined method ... and it really helps you see the explosive profit potential of this system.

The recommendation was to buy the May 18, 165 straddles at 18.70.

The stock shot up to 266.97. So the calls went to 101.97.

That means we quickly made $101,970 ... giving us total cash profit of ... $83,270 ... in an astonishingly short time.

You can see it here:


Amazing, right?

This exemplifies why this approach is so life-changing. To have safe options for growth, but then also be able to periodically go for huge gains like this ... is the ultimate combination.

$133,180 in UNDER an Hour...
And Roughly $2,220 Profit Per Minute!

Where else can you earn money at that rate, with such astonishing accuracy?

As you can see from the MANY "thank you" notes available throughout this report, our test group was a smashing success.

Our test group could have invested in anything: cryptocurrencies, Forex, futures, whatever — and they would NOT have had the high-odds, high return success they had with this method.

Because while I love explosive profits, it's reducing risk (through increased accuracy) that is every bit as important to me.

Especially if I'm going to be committing a meaningful portion of my retirement on it.

And speaking of retirement ...

There's ONLY ONE Real Way to Retire Rich

My Bank Account Has Consistently Gone Up

"I took a couple of Don's ideas and have gone great guns with them. My bank account has consistently gone up quite a bit. This is perfect for a beginner. You can start with a small amount of capital and it works for you. You don't have to be stuck in an office all day, watching a computer.

"I am very happy and I love to recommend it to my friends."

— Scott B., Kansas City, KS

This is exactly what drove me to uncover this new method.

Because over the years, I've interacted with thousands of individuals looking to use trading as a way to secure their retirement.

Like you, they realized they must do SOMETHING to grow their retirement, starting NOW ...

... otherwise, it wouldn't provide the income they needed to live the lifestyle they want.

And just like you're realizing now ... it became clear that a consistent, six-figure income was the ONLY way to make their retirement dreams a reality.

Sadly, you can't do that SAFELY if you're only winning 50-60% of your trades. At that rate, all it takes is a bad month or two, and you're into the red.

In reality, you need an optimum blend of accuracy ... per trade profit ... AND liquidity.

Vehicles like cryptocurrencies, Forex or futures often have enough per trade profit and liquidity ... but the right level of accuracy just isn't there.

Compare their wild swings with the safe, high-accuracy strategy I've been showing you in this report.

It's identified trades that had a win rate as high as 90-96% accurate for the last 10 years

and 98% accurate for 22 straight months

with as many as 76 consecutive winning trades!

You can see the entire performance record

it's mind-blowing. Take a look at the totals ...

Notice how the higher win rate in High Accuracy Trades occurred simultaneously with lower profits in Burning Fuse trades. They are designed to offset one another's weakness.

What I haven't told you is ...

That's Enough to Turn $10,000 into $1,170,472
in Just 8 Years ... Netting You
Passive Profits of $146,000+ Every Year!

17 Trades With 100% Success

"When I first got ODDS, I started doing a few trades…Since then, I've had 17 trades with 100% success. No losers! I'm thrilled to death."

— William M., Blountville, TN

$9,000 In Profits!

"What impressed me most was the method's ability to forecast actual trades. By the 4th signal, I'd realized just how valuable this ODDS approach really is. The four trades so far have given me over $9,000 in profits."

— Dan M., retired pilot, Tampa, FL

Isn't THAT the kind of return you need ... to retire in the way that you want?

I don't know about you, but I like the idea of having my home and cars paid off... being able to take a 5-star vacation to anywhere in the world... spoiling my children and family on Christmas and birthdays...

... all without breaking a sweat.

That's what this pattern and combined 1-2 strategy makes possible.

It uses options in a revolutionary way, to HELP YOU achieve the retirement lifestyle you truly deserve.

4 Reasons Why These Two Proven Strategies
to Options Change EVERYTHING

When you apply my 1-2 approach to options trades, you get the best of all possible worlds. Because...

"You'll make a freakin' fortune with this!"

— Jeff J., Portland, OR

Clearly, this pattern takes options to an entirely new level, beyond any trading system you've ever seen.

That's why I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you to my all-new...

One Hour System

Based on data around combining my highest-accuracy strategy WITH my high-upside strategy, this new service incorporates my two most powerful secrets in a totally new way.

First, let me explain the name.

Combining both gives you a step-by-step "one hour" system that delivers high levels of accuracy AND high profits. And best of all ...

Still, the best news is yet to come, because ...

The 1-Hour System Is ONLY Just the Beginning of the Money-Making Tools
You'll Access When You Act Today!

I Feel Really Proud Of My Option Trading Decisions

"My account is now worth $63,000 as of today…When I hear the "experts" every morning apologizing for how bad they have done this year and explaining why making money in this market is virtually impossible, it makes me feel really proud of my option trading decisions and really grateful for Don's teachings. Thanks, thanks, thanks."

— Nestor S., Kissimmee, FL

As you've learned, my HIGH-ODDS, ULTRA-HIGH RETURN or "1-HOUR" System contains BOTH of my most lucrative strategies:

  • My core ODDS High Accuracy Method , which allows you to sell overpriced options for a 90% probability of earning 8.5-10% on your weekly trades ...

  • And my ODDS Burning Fuse Method, which helps you buy underpriced options for explosive gains averaging 113% per winning trade ... and has piled up cumulative profits of 7,438% in testing and live recommendations!

That's not ONE but TWO highly lucrative sets of trading signals that perform with better results than anything else in the industry ... all rolled into one powerful service.

Red Hot Profit Opportunities...
Personally Selected by Don Fishback

148% Profit In 20 Days!

"You can do it safely – you can make money. I opened an account for my mom and more than doubled it (148% profit) in 20 days. Don's very honest and sincere. My bad habits have been erased and I'm on the right path."

— Wayne W., Nurse in Belkamp, MD

$24,125 Profit in Just a Couple of Months

"100% winners. And in just a couple months I made $24,125 profit that I can use to pay off some bills."

— Joe K.

Annual Returns Of 100%

"At the expiration of the October options I had realized a profit of $6,300... I expect to achieve similar returns on a monthly basis, which should lead to annual returns of at least 100%. You have done a great job with ODDS."

— William S., St. Louis, MO

The entire trade-finding process begins the night before. My team created automatic programs that distill everything down to a one-page daily preliminary report.

Then, I personally do pre-market, same-day research and write the daily reports each morning.

And when I find a trade that has either explosive windfall profit potential or highly accurate weekly income potential, I post the recommendations in a secure, members- only private web site that you can access from any device.

Word-for-word instructions are provided. Just enter the trade online, or if you're old fashioned like me, you read the instructions to your broker. Either way, you're getting the equivalent of a turnkey business that you can start right away.

But I'm not done yet. Every day you get follow-up instructions, including full exit instructions, so you're never alone, and never left in the dark.

Translation: you get the near-term cash flow you need to live life on your terms...

... along with the long-term security and wealth-building you and your future generations deserve.

The 1-HOUR System allows me to accomplish that more than anything I've ever done.

And after a lifetime of success — it's my great honor to finally make this available to you.

Still, they don't call me "over-delivering Don" for nothing!

Because I've Also Gathered
Over $6,000 in Bonuses for You ...
Just for Trying the 1-HOUR System!
That's right.

To make the 1-HOUR System even more of a no-brainer, I've created a package of high-value training bonuses for you. They will help you master these moneymaking skills even faster.

When you decide to join me in the 1-HOUR System today, you'll get:

  • You get my Secrets of the Burning Fuse Revealed Program, which is an in-depth video training designed to help you squeeze even more profit out of the alert signals you'll receive ...

In fact, I personally show you the EXACT process that I taught my staff to find option trades on stocks that are poised for explosive profits.

This is the exact same method that Bryan, one of my employees, used to turn $4,000 into more than $55,000!

  • You get my High Probability Secrets of the Stock Indexes Home Study Program, which contains the secrets and strategies that let you apply amazingly accurate, near-perfect credit spreads to the highly lucrative stock index markets.

Here, you'll discover ALL the secrets of high accuracy and steady profits:

"Starting out small, I was able to grow my account to over $16,000 in just a couple months. I think I can easily earn $4,000-$5,000 a month! I can continue trading from anywhere there's internet access – Paris, Athens, Munich."

— Vaia A.

"Trading is going well. I'm currently trading just index spreads each month. I've had three months in a row with an average profit of about $1,500 per month"

— Matt L. Indianapolis, IN

Amazing 95.2% accuracy
in 6-year independent study

Returns of $126,000 Profit
Per Year in Actual Trading

Independent Study of 707 wins
out of 732 trades

It is not available anywhere else at any price!

On their own, these programs have sold for more than $3,000 EACH. That's over $6,000 in value, and as you see from Bryan's story, they are even more valuable than that — if applied.

Yet you won't pay a penny for either program — they're both included, 100% FREE, as part of the 1-HOUR System.

Test-Drive My 1-HOUR System for
60% Less Than Others Have Paid

You're A Lifesaver!

"Several years ago I embarked on my journey into Options. Going over your methods, I felt an exhilaration sweep over me. There was hope for me to have my dream of trading successfully. Before long I was cranking out trades. The profits mount up relentlessly. My goal is to take a small $25,000 trading account to $500,000 after taxes during the next 4-5 years. Thanks again. Don, you're a lifesaver."

— Carl T.P., Ridgefield, WA

"Exceeded My Goal of $15,000 Per Month!"

"I am so happy I discovered your way of making money. It's been nothing short of fantastic... I've had five months where I exceeded my goal of making $15,000 per month. And in fact, in my best month, which was January, I think I made $57,000. Total in six months... $175,000."

— Earl H., Nantucket retiree

No Losers Yet!

"This model really is quite amazing. I've made over $5,000 in the past 4 months on a dozen or so successful trades. I haven't had a loser yet."

— John H.

How would you like to SEE whether you too can earn stunning profits like you've seen throughout this report — by letting me spoon-feed these trades for you?

Every day, before the market opens, I personally analyze the parameters for every service, paying extra special attention to both ODDS High-Accuracy AND ODDS Burning Fuse patterns.

When I see it, I run that trade through our filtering software that my team of programmers created to double check and ensure it meets my strict criteria.

Then, assuming everything looks perfect, I pull the trigger — alerts are posted to a secure website within minutes.

Everything you need to place a trade is right there: the stock and its price, the option and its price, what action to take.

In the past, we've charged as much as $10,000 for all these services when sold individually.

And that's not including the value of the bonus gifts!

However, because of the urgency I feel to help you protect and grow your retirement... in the face of what feels like immense global and economic uncertainty...

... we're giving you EVERYTHING I've outlined as part of the 1-Hour System for JUST $3,997.

That's literally 60% off — by FAR the best deal I've EVER given on my premium services.

Incredible, right?

That's a little over $10 per day to be spoon fed winning trades and coaching from a 33-year veteran with one of the best track records ever. And private coaching from my hand-picked staff with over two decades of experience.

That's a LOT less than you'd pay in fees to most money managers, who'd fail to deliver even a fraction of the performance the 1-HOUR Service does!

nd I've got one more ace up my sleeve ...


Get Access to Private Group Coaching
Each and Every Week!

You Gave Me The Confidence I Needed

"All is going well. In fact, just yesterday the order was filled netting a nifty $1,844 after commission. Not too shabby for a guy who was essentially option illiterate.

"I'm happy, Don. You gave me the confidence and momentum that I needed to get going in options. Thanks again, Don for sharing what you know."

— Tim H., Edwards, WA

"The bottom line was that I was able to throw off an average monthly net profit of $4200."

— Paul M., Wisconsin

$42,000 Profit! I'm Very Happy!

"I use ODDS by Don Fishback exclusively for my option trading. My tax accountant advised me that I made $42,000 in…option trading profits. I'm very happy!"

— Art R., Port St. Lucie, FL

I want to give you EVERY possible opportunity to kick your retirement into high-gear, starting today.

My Private Group Coaching Forum helps you do just that.

There, you'll be able to get coaching from a successful professional trader on my team ... get answers to your most pressing questions ... the high-level strategy or mechanics of each trade recommendation I personally select ... and more.

Imagine being coached by a world-class trader deeply experienced with my system — the same system that has produced one of the best track records on the planet ...

Picture yourself having total confidence in the recommendations, executing the winning trades successfully each week ...

And becoming a world-class trader yourself, with matching financial freedom, in the process!

Plus, you'll get to interact and receive support from fellow 1-HOUR traders on the same journey to financial freedom and rebuilding their retirement dreams.

This is easily worth $5,000 — and frankly very time-consuming for our team. But I LOVE seeing others enjoy the success and retirement security I've personally achieved.

I have devoted much of my life to service, and bringing these trades to you while donating a significant portion of my earnings to the American Heart Association is just one example of the kind of guy I am.

That said, a deal like this is easily abused — and so I'm not going to keep such a deep discount to my best service available for long.

Test-Drive My 1-HOUR System
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Order now and give the 1-HOUR System and Service the chance to make your money grow. If you like what you see, do nothing.

I guarantee you will have full access to my NEW 1-2 hybrid strategies I use to generate "best of both worlds" trades.

I also guarantee that we will provide you with all the support you need over the next year to put those strategies into action.

And I further guarantee that the methods will generate profits for you over the next 12 months.

If I fail to deliver on the promises above, you are eligible for a full, 100% refund PLUS you can keep all the training materials.

I've been in this business for over 30 years and nobody makes this guarantee.

I know. I checked.

4-to-1 Winners!

"Pick whatever probability suits you, my winners out-number my losers 4-to-1."

— Gordon G.

1 Trade, $6,000 Profit

"I used the techniques you taught me to trade 1 option. The results were $6,000."

— P. Allan H., N. Fort Myers, FL

Note: Because of the unprecedented nature of the guarantee, refund eligibility begins immediately after the 12-month period has ended.

You have an additional 30 days after the end of the 12-month period in which to request a refund.

And no matter what happens, your free copy of the Secrets of the Burning Fuse Revealed and my High Probability Secrets of the Stock Indexes Home-Study Programs — are ALL yours to keep completely without cost or obligation!

The only way to save 60-70% ... claim over $6,000 in bonus training ... PLUS get my fast-action private coaching bonus worth $5,000 ... is to activate your membership in the 1-HOUR System and Service TODAY.

A Simple Decision That Could
Change the Entire Course of Your Life

"I think a prudent man should use options to make as much money as possible. 80% winning trades have grown my IRA and helped to put three kids through college, and will also help pay for my daughter's wedding. It's like having a weight lifted from me. I feel very fortunate that I can give them everything they need and almost everything they want."

— David B., Clamson, MI

100% Winners – 29 Trades and 29 Wins Averaging $4,000 Per Month!

"Thanks. My actual trades since I started using the 'non-stop Winners' strategy – 29 Wins, 0 Losses and $15,664.98 Profit. Profits have averaged around $4,000 per month!"

— Sangay A.


"Don's the most honest and trustworthy person I've ever met. Not just in the industry, but anywhere. It's refreshing to learn from someone you know you can trust."

— Dr. Dennis P., Oral Surgeon

100% Success!

"Following is a summary of ODDS trades I've executed. As you can see – 100% success!! This account is the first for my new money management business. I already have commitments for two more, starting with $25,000 each. Looks like this will be a very exciting year."

— Mark A., Moseley, VA

40 Wins, 2 Losses!

"I finished the year with 40 wins and 2 losses using only Don's high probability strategy. I ended the year with $27,600 and averaged $2,300 per month. Life is good!"

— Bob M., Retired Floridian

You can decide to allow the enormous profit potential this volatile economic climate is offering you to slip through your fingers — and muddle along with the other "buy and hold" investors who get nowhere.

Or you can take action now to harness the amazing profit potential of my proprietary options trading signals to multiply your wealth up to 90 times over in the years ahead.

Remember: Times like these bring massive profit opportunities. And they don't come around often.

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The bottom line is, my entire team and I have personally done everything in our power to make this opportunity possible for you.

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I think it is. And I've created the most generous offer in my 30-year career to help you:

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  • You are completely protected by our best-in-the-business "profit or bust" guarantee...

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I sincerely hope you'll decide to join us in the 1-Hour System and Service right now — before you miss out on a single opportunity ...

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Don Fishback
Founder, the 1-Hour Trading System

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