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Arthur in Florida even told us he made…

$69,000 in One Trade!

He said, "It was pretty neat." ->

Whitney P. said "It's paid off tremendously.  Profits and low risk.. it's all I could ask for".

More Was Possible

These folks had fantastic results, but I felt like more was possible. I wanted to test a two-step approach that combines both of my most profitable strategies.

One of the approaches had already been producing double (and sometimes triple) digit monthly gains for my students and customers.

High Profit

Just like the DMND trade I recommended on 9/23/2015. The stock moved big into the upside Win Zone.

The result of this option trade was a profit of 205%.


And Just like the SDRL trade I recommended on 8/29/2014

The stock moved big into the downside Win Zone.

The result of this option trade was a profit of 481%

High Accuracy

While the “safer” approach had produced per trade gains of 8.5-10%--on a near weekly basis.

Like the SPY trade I recommended on 3/2/2018

And like the SPY trade I recommended on 1/8/2015

The ETF stayed comfortably in the Win Zone. The result of this option trade was a profit of 18.7%

To be fair, those trades didn’t close in minutes.

However, it’s entirely accurate to say it only took MINUTES to uncover and execute each trade.

What really stood out, wasn’t just how these trades perform individually.

It’s what happens when you combine them into one system.

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Become the Casino and Never Truly Gamble Again

Everyone knows it’s the casinos, NOT the gamblers who make the real money.

Sure, they pay out big every once in a while… however, they didn’t build the Vegas strip on casino losses.  Casinos are the smart money.

This is a lot like the safe approach I’ve perfected. It earns you money on smaller moves about 90-93% of the time, like clockwork.

Here’s the best part, though…


Because this strategy primarily puts you in the role of the casino owner, making small gains on a high percentage of activity, when the opportunity to win gets big enough, you can also go for bigger gains too.

That’s what my more aggressive strategy allows. Even though it only wins about half the time, it’s common to hit winners of 100%... 200%... 300%... or more, making already low risks worthwhile.

Red Hot Profit Opportunities?
No Problem

Here’s how it works…


Personally Selected by Don

  • Pre-Market research by Don every morning
  • Don looks for High Profit and High Accuracy Trades
  • Each trade is then evaluated for weekly income potential or explosive profit potential

Precise Instructions Provided

  • New reports are posted daily before the market opens
  • Instructions are hosted on our secure members-only website
  • Precise follow up instructions including exit instructions posted every trading day

Group Coaching with Bryan

  • Private Coaching by a professional trader with over 20+ years options experience
  • Get all of your questions answered live or via email and chat with other members
  • Learn the high-level strategy and mechanics of each trade recommendation

Translation: you get the quick cash flow you need to live the life you want, along with the long-term security and wealth-building you and your future generations deserve.

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The Professional's Professional

I’ve been a professional analyst and researcher for approaching 30 years now. I’ve taught students all over the world how to make real, life-changing profits, published best-selling books, been quoted by major media outlets like CNBC, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR and many others.


“An excellent treatise on how to calculate the probability of a market move occurring – an important tool for the serious trader. Don’s presentation is thorough, analytical, and delivered at a pace that makes it easy to understand.”

Larry McMillan, McMillan Analysis


“ODDS is the very first step in an intensive training process each of my traders must complete. ODDS teaches my traders the real meaning of volatility and it gives them the tools to calculate probability. It gives them the knowledge they must have in order to progress.”

Jon Najarian, Professional Investor


“I was blown away by how flexible and easy ODDS is. It had amazing technology that makes it lighting fast to find great option trading strategies. Once I saw the power of ODDS, I knew I had to get this to my family ASAP.”

Steve Nison,

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